Another Gorilla Missed

The Bulldogs need more gorillas. I mean that in the nicest possible way. Our last gorilla, Brian Lake, left to be part of premiership glory. Not sure if he lived in the Western Suburbs but if he did, I hope the trek out to Waverley every night is worth it. So the Bulldogs decide to stick [Read more]

Knacker a finalist in National Playwright competition

Almanacker Neil Anderson is a finalist in this year’s National Playwright Competition and will perform his play, ‘Michelangelo Wore Blundstones’, later this month.

Look what they’ve done to my club, ma!

Open letter to the Western Bulldogs hierarchy…if there’s anyone still running the asylum. Bulldogs you’ve finally broken me. After 60years as a supporter and twenty years as a member, I saw the Bulldogs play one of the worst games ever at the Gabba on the weekend. No wonder David Smorgon has gone missing. About the [Read more]

VFL: Willy nearly did a Bully

Got very excited to see my seconds team were on the telly this afternoon. No I don’t mean Richmond or Fremantle (after a recent trip to WA and looking at their ground in Freo and noticing it was the home of The Bulldogs [South Fremantle]) . Yes I was desperate to see a link to [Read more]

Temptation Island: Bali Ha’i

A funny thing happened after the film and before the match on Saturday night. This is the story of how one man (we’ll call him Neil) was tempted to switch from footy culture to Arts culture…while the footy season was still underway!  

Diary of a madman (aka Bulldogs fan)

I’m looking through fingered-covered eyes as the Bulldogs run onto the ground to play the Roos. Silent prayers. No more hundred-point defeats please. Drew Petrie to miss a few goals…please. Nice start Bulldogs! I might just crack that Crownie put aside for the unlikely victory. Yeah, bugger waiting! Drew Petrie’s not doing much and we’ve actually got [Read more]

Keeping the faith

By Neil Anderson How do you begin to describe what it’s like being a Bulldog supporter 58 years after their one and only premiership? The answer is you don’t. Not if you’re talking to fans of other clubs who have gorged on Dunstall-led premierships for example, or to Carlton supporters who want a return to [Read more]