Gigs Ladder Comp Round 9 – Theo gets the heave ho

The mighty have fallen. How? Well it’s probably a bit to do with West Coast, who jumped from 11th to 6th with their win over GWS. That ladder shuffle has led to a ladder ladder shuffle, with Theo slipping from top to 10th and Michael Ba the new outright leader, on 40 points.

AFL Round 9 – St.Kilda v Western Bulldogs: Throwing out the script

Bulldogs fans, who better to bring you the glad tidings from Saturday’s game against the Saints than Andrew Gigacz? This game didn’t go to script, much to his great pleasure.

The Gigs Ladder Comp Round 8 – Theo beats Freo

Geelong may have been knocked off the top of the ladder but young Theo Harms remains at the pinnacle of the ladder ladder.

Gigs Ladder Comp Round 7 update – It’s all in the family

Almanacker tacker, Theo Harms, is leading all and sundry in the World Famous Ladder Ladder competition, run by your host, Andrew Gigacz. How are you placed? Check it out.

AFL Round 5 – Western Bulldogs v Geelong: Geelong is Making Waves (or A Genial Gigs Knew Moves)

I had planned to attend this game in person but THE BEST LAID PLANS are an anagram of “HANDBALLS IT STEEP” and late on Saturday afternoon I found myself camped under an unexpectedly steep handball. The pack came crashing down on me and my plans.

Gigs Ladder Comp

The Gigs Ladder Comp is entering its 23 year. Get on board.

Within reach of the Hill of content

This weekend, the Clifton Hill 4th XI, of which Gigs is a regular member, will take on Wyclif in the Grand Final of the Merrell Shield. He doesn’t know who Merrell is or was but he does want his shield.

Footy Almanac – of and by the fans

Join Gigs on a nostalgic journey through the history of the Footy Almanac.

A modern dilemma – to delete or not?

Gigs needs help with a very modern dilemma.

A message from the Mayans

Gigs believes it’s true that the Mayans had a message for us.


Really, says Almanac anagram king Andrew Gigacz, the result of the test was there for all to see in plain English.

First Test – Day 4: Milestones

It was a day of milestones for Gigs and the Australian cricket team on the fourth day at the Gabba.

Weekend at Burnie’s Neighbour (Wynyard)

Five brave blokes, and two even braver women, met up at Melbourne Airport last Friday morning with one aim in mind. To cross the ditch between Victoria and Tasmania, and track down a legendary beast said to have roamed Van Diemen’s Land for many a long year but which hadn’t been seen for almost as [Read more]

GigStuff 60 – Bad kicking is good for Gigs

  by Andrew Gigacz   BAD KICKING IS GOOD FOR GIGSTUFF There’s been a glut of bizarrely inaccurate scores in the first few rounds of this season. Freo scored 7.15 against Carlton on Friday night and Brisbane followed that up with 4.17 just 24 hours later. OK, those are inaccurate scores but not so bizarre, [Read more]

GigStuff 59 – 1934 revisited?

  by Andrew Gigacz A DOG OF AN ANZAC DAY FOR FOOTSCRAY Sure, it was heartbreaking for the Bombers to lose by a point to their arch-enemy Collingwood. But let’s face it, they’re 4-1 and sitting pretty on the ladder with a ten-day break and a home game against Brisbane to come. The real losers [Read more]


by Andrew Gigacz Yes, it’s true, Josh Barnstable has already given us a wonderful summary of last Sunday’s game, but I’m prepared to risk being labelled a copycat from North Ballarat. I think our views will be different enough. Josh is a North man; I’m a Dog. He travelled south to get to Ballarat; I [Read more]

The 22nd Annual Ladder Ladder Competition

  The LADDER LADDER Comp! It’s back! Again! But what the hell – I mean heck (sorry Mum) – is it? The LADDER LADDER Competition is simple (a bit like me, many would say). It’s a comp that requires you to do no more than to write down (or type) the names of the 18 AFL [Read more]

4th Test blog: ‘Nackers to call the tune

This is the place to have your say about the goings on in Adelaide. Australia are batting first and look to be on song. And speaking of songs, I have a theory that when when Freddie Mercury wrote “I Want to Break Free” that his original version was a song about taking a hat trick [Read more]

GIGSTUFF 66: Australian Open Special

  by Andrew Gigacz   A SPANIARD FOR EVERY RUSSIAN AT THE AUSTRALIAN OPEN Ever had the feeling that Russian women are just like Spanish men? Or vice versa? Well, actually, neither had I, at least not until the seedings for the 2012 Australian Open were published in last Tuesday’s Age. It was then that [Read more]

Sydney Test blog – Of movies and hundreds

  by Andrew Gigacz The 100th Test at the SCG is about to get underway. Will we see Tendulkar get his 100th 100 in Sydney’s 100th Test? And while on the topic of Tendulkar, his name was one of many that has appeared on Twitter over the past 48 hours. Not in relation to his [Read more]