A message from the Mayans

Fellow Almanackers, we all know that today is that terrible day when the world is to come crashing down around us. At least according to some Spanish guy’s interpretation of the Mayan calendar.

I believe it’s true that the Mayans had a message for us. And that the message was intended to be deciphered now. And luckily, I have done it. And the news isn’t as bad as many thought. The Mayans were in fact giving us advice on what to get EVERYBODY for Christmas this year. Don’t believe me? Well it’s all revealed in the following anagram.


So get out there and make sure you give everyone you know a Footy Almanac for Christmas!

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Well, here we are. The Bulldogs have won a flag. What do I do now?


  1. A Purrfect Chrissy pressie for those embedded in Sleepy Hollow Gigs. Maybe a bit too Blue for those under the figs and elms along Royal Parade. Up in Steak & Kidney they’ll be swanning around Circular Quay with a copy under each arm. Somebody stop me for goodness sake.
    But my pressie comes gilt-wrapped. There’s a rumour going around that the Ayatollah is stepping down sometime in January. If it’s true there’d have to be dancing in the streets. The downside is that Benny Gale is the anointed one. That should jump-start the roar meter at Tigerland.
    Merry Christmas Nackers – and remember – it’s only eight weeks to the first Whatever Cup game.

  2. Well December might not be the month the world ended, but it saw the curtin come down on Ricky Pontings last day in the international arena.


  3. Terrific Gigs. The word ‘apocalypse’ has been mangled by doomsdayers. In its original Greek meaning it refers to revelation, epiphany, new hope. Something that every new season brings and every edition of the Almanac with it. Merry Xmas Knackers :)

  4. Gigs and Wrapster; what a bummer!

    The world ends just before the Bullies and the Tiges were about to play off in a GF (2013).

    Bomber Thompson was right. ‘Sometimes footy sucks.’

  5. Hi Gigs, love it. Already ahead of you and the Mayans. The Footy Almanac brings smiles to all, and pleasure in the giving and receiving. Merry Christmas and a safe and happy new year to my almanac family. Go Doggies. Go Saints


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