Almanac Old Buggers’ Indoor Cricket: The Boos of The Fishermen

Huge controversy, among team-mates.

When ‘The Fishermen’ don’t quite agree: Gigs ‘Garfish’ Gigacz gives an account of a dropped catch in a crucial indoor cricket fixture which denied Damian ‘Plankton’ Callinan a hat-trick while Plankton offers an alternative account.

[Please let us know about your incident of internal strife. And also, we’d love to hear stories of hat-tricks denied.]

Round 23 – Brisbane Lions v Western Bulldogs: Family and Footscray

The parallels between the Gigacz family and the travails of the Western Bulldogs over the course of a year. Ups and downs and hope on the horizon…

Cricket’s a (hat) tricky game

Gigs has a day out.

A tribute to my dad: a Bulldog – not quite through and through – but a Bulldog nonetheless

Andrew Gigs Gigacz’ father passed away at 5am this morning. Here is Gigs’ tribute. [Gigs has been a dedicated contributor to the Almanac community over many years. Our thoughts are with you Gigs – JTH]

Looking for a win

Facing crisis, Edvard Munch chose oils and gave us The Scream. When Dante explored the ramifications of the Inferno, he turned to poetry. Both used art in times of crisis. Here Gigs follows Dante’s path for his Dogs.

In search of Prince Alfred College footballers

Tony Aldous is trying to put together a list of former Prince Alfred College footballers who went on to play in any of the State leagues around Australia. Can anyone help?

Gigs’ Ladder Comp

Another Ladder comp from Gigs. You tip all 18. Not to be confused with the Almanac Tip the Top 8. [Do you think there’s enough comp-opportunity on this site at the moment? Ed]

Uncertain (personal) corridors

Andrew Gigacz is at Gideon Haigh’s book launch. But he’s distracted by his own less-than-stellar cricket outing earlier in the day. Has he had his time? How do you know when to go?

Gigs Ladder Comp Grand Final Update – We have a winner!

Gigs has a winner.

Gigs Ladder Comp Round 21 Update – Can any good come from this?

Essendon ninth? Surely someone at AFL is in Gigs’s Ladder Ladder comp.

Third Test – Day 5: Clarke left standing in the rain

Gigs shares the frustrations of all of us, but lets his mind wander through the music (and lyrics) of ELO.

Gigs Ladder Comp Round 18 Update – Parallel universes

Wondering how things might look in the Ladder comp if Essendon is stripped of their points and relegated to 18th on the ladder? Wonder no more – Gigs is on to it.

Gigs Ladder Comp Round 18 update – Way to go, bro!

Back in the good old days – round 9 to be exact – things were much simpler. Richmond was where they should be, just outside the eight, Adelaide and West Coast were top eight teams and Hawthorn and Geelong were equal top of the ladder.How things have changed!

AFL Round 17 – Hawthorn v Western Bulldogs: Little wins

Once you accept that your team is crap, you need to look at its games in a different way in order to sustain yourself and your sanity through the long, winless periods. Dogs fans need to find little wins within losses, even within big losses.

Gigs Ladder Comp Round 9 – Theo gets the heave ho

The mighty have fallen. How? Well it’s probably a bit to do with West Coast, who jumped from 11th to 6th with their win over GWS. That ladder shuffle has led to a ladder ladder shuffle, with Theo slipping from top to 10th and Michael Ba the new outright leader, on 40 points.

AFL Round 9 – St.Kilda v Western Bulldogs: Throwing out the script

Bulldogs fans, who better to bring you the glad tidings from Saturday’s game against the Saints than Andrew Gigacz? This game didn’t go to script, much to his great pleasure.

The Gigs Ladder Comp Round 8 – Theo beats Freo

Geelong may have been knocked off the top of the ladder but young Theo Harms remains at the pinnacle of the ladder ladder.

Gigs Ladder Comp Round 7 update – It’s all in the family

Almanacker tacker, Theo Harms, is leading all and sundry in the World Famous Ladder Ladder competition, run by your host, Andrew Gigacz. How are you placed? Check it out.

AFL Round 5 – Western Bulldogs v Geelong: Geelong is Making Waves (or A Genial Gigs Knew Moves)

I had planned to attend this game in person but THE BEST LAID PLANS are an anagram of “HANDBALLS IT STEEP” and late on Saturday afternoon I found myself camped under an unexpectedly steep handball. The pack came crashing down on me and my plans.

Gigs Ladder Comp

The Gigs Ladder Comp is entering its 23 year. Get on board.