ECHUCA EXCERPTS We are still slightly dazed in Echuca concerning Monday’s game. After seeing a junior match on Saturday on the park Oval, no one thought there was any possibility of big scoring on Monday, for the oval was dotted with small lakes .It was a bright move on the part of officials and players [Read more]

Tour de Bush- and other places

The Tour de France is an event I look forward to every year. I adore the stunning scenery and it reminds me of the true joy of bike riding. Freedom and fresh air. It was one of my favourite childhood pastimes when growing up in country Victoria. Glorious independence on two wheels. I rode my [Read more]

Football indulgence

by Pamela Sherpa I’ve just had what I call a wonderful week of football indulgence. Having lived in NSW for the past 20 years I always enjoy going home to Victoria for a ‘footy dose’. When I drive south during school holidays there are two things that  I always look forward to and notice- the [Read more]

Seasonal Transitions

The weather is changing .There’s a chill in the air. I’m still wearing sandals and skirts but need a scarf around my neck. Summer was long and glorious. Football didn’t enter my mind until the summer scandals blazed on to the news bulletins – and stayed there. I don’t have a clue who was traded [Read more]


Thank goodness for sport. It takes our minds off important things. Be honest, how often have you worried about your bills in the last few days? Not as much as you’ve thought about the demise of our cricket team, I bet.

Gunbower Races 2010

Standing  in  the  main  street  of  Echuca  on  the  first  Friday  in  October,  I  ponder  which  upcoming    event  is  generating  the  most  excitement.  Whilst  there  are  several  shops  displaying  St. Kilda  and  Collingwood    colours  and  footy  gear,    one  shop  window  has  a  desperate  plea  painted  on  it-  “Tickets  wanted  for  Deni  Ute  Muster”.  As  utes  [Read more]


Better late than never they say. Holding the  Canberra 2009 Footy Almanac book launch in  2010 somehow doesn’t seem odd. Appreciation has no time limit Footy fever has gripped the Kingston Hotel on a Thursday evening, two days preceding the Bulldogs and Swans meeting in what should be  one of the games of the round. [Read more]

Footy: From a distance

by Pamela Sherpa Wednesday 24th March, 2010 I love my seasons . Swimming all summer long in Lake Jindabyne . Absorbing the last rays of sunshine and feeling that nip in the evening air in autumn. The  weather is changing and  I sense a change- the football season is on the way.

Cricket: Gayle receives ultimate gift after Canberra clinic

Chris Gayle issued an invitation to the kids of Canberra to turn up at Manuka Oval at 4pm on Wednesday for a hit and bowl ahead of the Prime Minister’s X1 match, which starts on Thursday. I happen to be in the area so I go along and have a look. Boys with monstrous cricket [Read more]

Off Season Overload

by Pamela Sherpa The season’s over, it’s time for a break To rest up weary bodies, slacken off the pace   Tortured, overworked muscles are screaming for a rest After a long hard slog, it’s time to de stress.   Triathlons, time trials, boot camps in  excruciating  heat Just  reading about it, “Phew!  ‘I feel [Read more]

Racing: What a fine day it is at the Gunny races

Horse racing at Gunbower dates back to1881.The “Gunny” races used to be held in the  heat of January but last year the date was changed to the more weather-friendly first weekend in October. Gunbower is a small town on the Murray Valley Highway, half an hour from Echuca. The flat plains stretch out on the south side [Read more]

General Footy Writing: Tales of Krakouer brothers and Cockatoo-Collins confirm rich contribution of indigenous players to Australian football

A keen audience gathered at the  National  Museum of  Australia in Canberra , to attend the recent FORCE FOR GOOD seminar. Presented by the museum  in  conjunction with with Manning Clark House and hosted by John Harms, the seminar focused on how indigenous Australians have enriched football. Dr Sean Gorman (an Almanacker) spoke about his book Brotherboys, which [Read more]

General Footy Writing: Alas I’ll have to rely on my sister again for a Brownlow update

A national game it’s supposed to be But alas the Brownlow count I’ll again not see It’s that time of year again, when all thoughts head south. The Brownlow Medal count isn’t screened into the states that the AFL can’t get to quickly enough. Hmmm….? Not screened live that is. Past bed time screening doesn’t [Read more]

AFL Round 22: Bombers charge down home straight towards the finals

So it all comes down to this. We must beat last year’s premiers to make the eight. Them or  us. Desperation is the name of today’s game. The Bombers have made hard work of trying to make the finals. Winning thrillers against top teams but failing to consolidate against lower placed teams has placed us [Read more]

AFL Round 20: There’s no point trying to be calm when your Bombers lead the unbeaten Saints

After the disappointment of last week’s draw with the Lions I decided to approach this week’s St Kilda game with calmness. Thinking about our great effort against the Saints earlier in the year gave me heart and hope. There’s something called bouncing back and I was hoping last week’s loss would stir us.

AFL Round 19: Bomber faithful left to ponder meaning of football life

Life is full of surprises. Sometimes they can  leave you almost breathless with shock. It’s possible to be gobsmacked and bewildered from a great distance, even when you can’t see things. Events can often defy logical human explanation.

AFL Round 13: Essendon v Carlton: Lloydy kicks goals at both ends of the house

By Pamela Sherpa It almost feels like the start of a new season. Does the split round harm or help teams? Is momentum broken or are players refreshed? Essendon played last week but Carlton didn’t. When the ball bounces it will count for little. A finals berth is an incentive for these arch rivals. Carlton, [Read more]

Local Footy: Steve Armstrong — a man for all footy seasons

By Pamela Sherpa When Steve Armstrong isn’t busy with football and family, he’s busy with football. In the city of Goulburn, NSW, Australian football exists alongside the larger organisations of rugby, soccer and hockey. Steve isn’t involved at one level of footy: he is involved at every level. He organises the footy team at the [Read more]

AFL Round 11: Footy first-timer films fan fervour and Fev fever

By Pamela Sherpa Brisbane Lions versus Carlton 7.10 pm, 6 June The Gabba, Brisbane What’s the best possible Aussie experience to share with someone before they travel overseas? Go to the footy of course. As I’ve travelled up from the Snowy Mountains to visit my daughter Tashi before she leaves I’m grateful there is a [Read more]

AFL Round 10: Politics, money and the Bulldogs at Manuka

By Pamela Sherpa The national capital Canberra doesn’t have a team in the national competition but it is hosting an AFL game today.Sydney (Swans) and Melbourne (Bulldogs.)Melbourne. The Swans however feel at home in Canberra as they play here twice a year and garnish support from the surrounding NSW region. The politics of money and football is almost as clear as a debate [Read more]