AFL Round 11: Footy first-timer films fan fervour and Fev fever

By Pamela Sherpa

Brisbane Lions versus Carlton

7.10 pm, 6 June

The Gabba, Brisbane

What’s the best possible Aussie experience to share with someone before they travel overseas? Go to the footy of course.

As I’ve travelled up from the Snowy Mountains to visit my daughter Tashi before she leaves I’m grateful there is a game on at the Gabba. The Blues have come to tackle the Lions.

Tashi’s flat mate Jeran, a dance teacher and his friend Cherry have never been to an Aussie rules game before so we convince them to come along. They took us Salsa dancing outdoors last night so we’re happy to take them to the footy tonight. Steve, who barracks for the Swans no matter what game he is at, joins us.

Rule explanations are avoided. The plan is to absorb the action and bother with clarifications later if needed.

Jared Brennan starts the excitement by scoring the first goal of the game. It gets the thumbs up from Cherry and Jeran.

They pick up the scoring system quickly.

The Carlton mob in front of us has spent the day at the races and appear just as excited about Brennan’s goal.

Bradshaw, one of Brisbane’s best forwards, is playing down back on Fev.

Judd of course is the architect in the centre. He is like a thief the way he steals the ball and dashes away into space before anyone pursues him.

At quarter time we all agree that the Blues appear quicker and slicker.

Scores:           Lions 2.2 14

Blues 3.6.24

Bradshaw plays tightly on Fev and a bump results in a free kick and a goal to the Blues spearhead. At the other end Brown hits the post. Fortune is favouring the Blues tonight. Fev pulls in a one handed mark and goals again. Brennan replies for the Lions before O’hAilpin scores for the Blues.

The Lions try to ruffle Fev. Fisher goals and the Blues appear to be getting on top further until Jared Brennan produces a breathtaking piece of play. He drops a mark, slips, then recovers to pick up the ball and despite pressure from his opponent goals. Soon after he scores another and suddenly the Lions are inspired.

When Fev misses a goal he looks dejected but he has three goals by half time. His team has managed to deliver him the opportunity and the ball. Brown has only scored one major for the Lions

Half time:        Lions 5.5 35

Blues 7.10 52

A major change is made. Bradshaw goes forward and Macdonald starts the second half on Fev by giving away a free. Fev doesn’t waste the chance. Brown’s first shot for the Lions hits the post. Fev scores another before Brown replies with a major. Bradshaw gets ball to boot despite being held by two opposing players. Fev marks and goals from an angle in the pocket. A great tackle by Garlett results in another for the Blues.

Carlton’s determination is typified when near the boundary Eddie Betts keeps the ball in play, passes to Marc Murphy who kicks to top of the square where Fev fails to mark but gets boot to ball without sighting the sticks. He knows where they are and scores his seventh for the game. Simon Black scores for the Lions then Brown misses. Black feeds the ball to Browny who takes a one hander and scores a much needed goal for the Lions.Houlihan replies for the Blues on three-quarter time.

When the Lions threaten the Blues find the answers.

Score:             Lions 9.7 61

Blues 13.13 91

Luke Power sparks the Lions at the beginning of the last quarter with an early goal. Brennan attacks but scores a behind then Brown gets a free in front and goals. The Lions are 17 points down and suddenly it’s ‘Game on’.

Rich is not rewarded for a great tackle much to the dismay of the home crowd. As the Lions surge and score two more goals to get within six points, the Gabba is positively alive.

Jeran is so excited by the crowd reaction he films it on his phone.

A free to Fev for a jumper hold gives him his eighth for the night and the Blues breathing space.

As Bradshaw and his opponent tussle, Rich’s long kick bounces past and through the goals.

Browny marks and lines up for what should be a captain’s goal. It’s a shocker and goes out on the full. Opportunity sprayed. The Lions recover with a goal from Bradshaw and just when the game needed settling and sealing, Judd finds the ball and does it.

Light rain falls but the game is too exciting to run for cover. Brown manages to get a goal and the Lions try desperately to attack once more.

They fall a kick short and Carlton escapes with a win. Exhilarated Blues fans sing their club song and care little about the falling rain.

The entertainment quarter on the ground is cancelled but fans have not been deprived tonight.

What did Jeran and Cherry think? It’s thumbs up to the skill of the players and the excitement. There’ll definitely be another game for them. Tashi can savour the atmosphere of our great Australian game until she returns at finals time.

For me it’s farewell to sunshine, shorts, singlet and Salsa until next time.

FINAL SCORE Lions 10 10 106

Blues 16 16 112

GOALS: Carlton Fevola 8, Carrazzo, Fisher, Scotland, Garlett, Simpson. Houlihan, O’hAilpin.

Brisbane Brennan 4, Brown 4, Bradshaw 2, Power 2 ,McGrath. Rich, Sherman, Black.

BEST: Carlton-Fevola, Judd, Scotland Gibbs

Brisbane– Brennan, Black, Power,Sherman

My Best 3 Judd

2 Fevola

1 Brennan

Crowd: 33,790


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