Better late than never they say.

Holding the  Canberra 2009 Footy Almanac book launch in  2010 somehow doesn’t seem odd.

Appreciation has no time limit

Footy fever has gripped the Kingston Hotel on a Thursday evening, two days preceding the Bulldogs and Swans meeting in what should be  one of the games of the round. One game a year is what the AFL offers  the developing region of the ACT, so the footy minded folk in the nation’s capital are ready to enjoy the hype.
Geelong supporters seem to  dominate  the throng of 30 avid footy fans gathered in the cosy warmth of the Kingston. Someone claims that there are actually more Geelong supporters living outside Geelong than in it ( This has yet to  be statistically proven.)  Among the supporters are Bill Steen. president of the Canberra Cats supporters group and Trish Moore, an auntie of Tom Hawkins. Trish reveals that young Tom came up to her shoulders when he was only seven. Besides hard core football fans, the get together has managed to attract people from interstate and as far away as New Zealand. Some simply saw it as a more entertaining alternative than listening to the Budget right of reply speech.

John Harms launches the Almanac in his usual relaxed style. Forget the chill outside, John explains how he and Paul Daffey began the Almanac book idea which lead to the Almanac website which allows the community of footy writers and readers to share their emotions, frustrations and passions for the game.  John then enthusiastically takes upon the challenge of deciphering Sebastian Clark’s cryptic Round 14 Fremantle – Carlton game report. Sebastian is called upon to interpret  the report phrase by phrase- by phrase.
Footy, who would have thought of intertwining it with fantasy?

After an amiable dinner  (One brave St Kilda supporter  endured it) wallets were brought out as Almanacs were bought from the shelf.

There’s every likelihood that the Almanackers will schedule another dinner before the AFL schedules another match.


  1. “There are more Geelong supporters living outside of Geelong than in it”.

    Interesting proposition: whether statistically proven or not.

    And a lot of people do think of intertwining their football with fantasy.

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