Footy: From a distance

by Pamela Sherpa

Wednesday 24th March, 2010

I love my seasons . Swimming all summer long in Lake Jindabyne . Absorbing the last rays of sunshine and feeling that nip in the evening air in autumn.

The  weather is changing and  I sense a change- the football season is on the way.

As glorious autumn days and nights evoke feelings of greater things to come – my thoughts turn to football.

Does it really start to-morrow night?.

Perhaps I should check the TV guide. Which station telecasts Thursday night s? I’ve almost forgotten who does Friday nights.

As much as some things change some things stay the same. Although Kevin Sheedy says this is all going to change when GWS enter the competition.

Meanwhile, north of the Murray  is still regarded as a non football territory when it comes to television coverage and hence the opening game of the season  is scheduled to be telecastat at the late starting time of 11.30. p.m

WOW! Won’t sleeping be an exciting way to kick start the season ?

At least there is no hype this year. No ‘ Cousins is going to save Richmond’ nonsense. How the Tiges fare without Richo and how Carlton fare without Fev will be simply academic.

I’ll check the scores Friday morning.

Then I can look forward to Friday night when the Bombers take on the Cats. According to my TV guide that will be screened at 9.30 p.m. Better a bit later than actual starting time than almost midnight .

Ah! that familiar feeling of trying to stay awake after half time will really make me feel like the footy is back.

Go Bombers! Here’s hoping it will be a game worth staying awake for!


  1. johnharms says



    It is a shock to the system to be returning to the Deep North, beyond the Barassi Line. It hasn’t changed. The opening bounce was at about 11.45 last night and I lasted until half way through the second quarter.

    Fans don’t know how lucky they are in the south where you can come up with a game plan for your weekend.

    I thnik A Dim needs to receive a curt submission on this.


  2. Andrew Starkie says

    Gday Pam,

    Good luck for the season. I may pop in to the G tonight. Sorry to rub it in.

    Go Roos.


  3. Pam,
    That same Kevin Sheedy who nominated a Tigers flag whilst totally destabilising Richmond after being tossed kicking and screaming from Essendon…”look at me”.

  4. Crio Couldnt agree more about Sheedy .A shameless self promoter and the most overrated coach of all time .Not often I agree with anything R.

  5. Managed to chop myself off there ! Not often I agree with Richard Colless but the bake he gave Sheedy in his interview in the Telgraph was spot on .The whole interview is worth a read.The Sydney media are simply not buying the Sheedy routine . The suggestion the the new team be called Greater Western Sheedy is not too wide of the mark !

  6. Pamela Sherpa says

    John, The AFL already has a filing cabinet full of letters from me. I have a strange feeling that they may have put them all through the shredder though.

    Crio and Gary- Sheeds fooled a lot of people but he didn’t fool everyone.

    Andrew, I’ll be in Melbourne for Essendon v Carlton in 2 weeks and I’m already as excited as an overgrown school kid.

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