Off Season Overload

by Pamela Sherpa

The season’s over, it’s time for a break
To rest up weary bodies, slacken off the pace
Tortured, overworked muscles are screaming for a rest
After a long hard slog, it’s time to de stress.
Triathlons, time trials, boot camps in  excruciating  heat
Just  reading about it, “Phew!  ‘I feel dead on my feet!
‘Faster ,fitter  stronger.’ I’m not interested at all
I just want a player, not too exhausted to chase the ball!
Off season training –‘It ought to be banned’
Let the players go to the beach and work on their tans
‘Take it easy fellas, watch the cricket, blob like us
If you train all summer long you’ll be totally stuffed !
Follow us (fans) the experts , kick back, take it easy
When the season starts again – you’ll be ready to go crazy!


  1. Clint Youlden says

    Nice. Maintenance is the key for the off-season Pam, you are dead on here.

    How’s carlton destroying themselves on Bikes! For Christ’s sake, football involves running not cycling. Are these athletes that bored that they need ‘entertainment’ training like a regular joe who does personal training sessions?

    Give them all a copy of your poem and the players will all agree with you and the fitness staff will all hate you.

    All players should have 3 months off after the grand final. In that time they should do whatever they feel is necessary for them to improve and stay motivated until training camp (which should be the first week of January) THis way they at least will gain some ownership of their careers and performance and find ways to make themselves better, which is better than this ‘blind’ faith’ they put in their clubs.

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