AFL Round 19: Bomber faithful left to ponder meaning of football life

Life is full of surprises.

Sometimes they can  leave you almost breathless with shock.

It’s possible to be gobsmacked and bewildered from a great distance, even when you can’t see things.

Events can often defy logical human explanation.

It’s most wondrous that we can find such surprises without asking for them.

Things just miraculously happen.

We need search no further than a football field to discover them.

There are times when I am actually grateful for missing out on certain things. When my team is playing poorly I count my blessings that deprivation spares me  torture.

Saturday night was one such occasion

The Bombers have not been in great form lately.

As usual I had tipped them out of loyalty but didn’t really expect them to beat the Lions. With no Saturday night telecast early to bed and an early get-up to make the most of the good skiing conditions in the mountains  seemed like a good idea.

A quick score check delivered a pleasant surprise. Not only were Essendon in touch with the Lions we were only a point down.

What a thrill it was to know we weren’t getting smashed to smithereens . The Bombers had rediscovered some form.

There was no option but to tune into the broadcast via the internet  and hope for an unlikely victory. Tuning out if the Lions decided to go on a rampage was the press of a button away.

Brown and Bradshaw were having a dirty night and hadn’t scored a goal between them. Fletcher  and Pears were doing a marvellous job down back.

Lovett- Murray had forgotten  the woes of his week and was putting his energies into football.

At three-quarter time the Bombers were 15 points up.

An exciting last quarter beckoned.

Vossy’s mob relish a contest and the Bombers would have to be ready for it.

Simon Black was in the thick of the action and the Lions scored three goals to grab the lead.

When Essendon’s Irishman  Michael Quinn scored his first AFL goal  to level the score the excitment level rose.

McVeigh marked in the pocket and had the chance to atone for his sins. His shot fell short but Monfries finished the job and put the Bombers a goal in front. Hang on was all we had to do. Not go into our shell hang on; just don’t let them  get the ball hang on.

I could hear the Bomber crowd booing when Brown pushed Pears out of the way. They seemed to boo louder when he missed a shot at goal.

McPhee took a saving mark in defence and passed to Lonergan. Seconds remained.

Lonergan then committed the most humane, selfless act I’ve heard of this season. Instead of kicking along the boundary towards the safety of the Essendon forward line he simply  gave the ball to Daniel Bradshaw.

Dear Daniel happens to be my favourite non-Bomber player. Sam Lonergan obviously loves him, too.

Sam  Lonegan has wisdom. He knows that greed is destructive. He chose to remind Bomber fans of this.

Darling Daniel goaled after the siren to ensure a draw and to leave the  Bomber faithful  pondering the meaning of football life. Disapointment  is supposed to be character-building. Sam Lonergan  understands this.


  1. Hi Pamela,
    i just have to say that Angus Monfries is so cute! Even when he kicks goals against my Magpies i cheer for him. Monfries has a very bright future ahead of him.

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