Football indulgence

by Pamela Sherpa

I’ve just had what I call a wonderful week of football indulgence.

Having lived in NSW for the past 20 years I always enjoy going home to Victoria for a ‘footy dose’.

When I drive south during school holidays there are two things that  I always look forward to and notice- the warmer, drier air and  people kicking footies- in  camping grounds, ovals and parks. If there’s a car with a Victorian number plate stopped somewhere, you can bet there’s  a footy being kicked not far away.

My first destination is Shepparton, to visit former teaching friends . During the eighties a  group of us from Shepp  used to travel down to  watch Essendon game. What a heck of a ride those years were.

My friend  phoned the night before to tell me they have room in the car if I want to go to Carlton- Essendon. What timing!  We drive down to Essendon station and catch the train in. The  carriages are full of Bomber supporters (there were two in Carlton jumpers). We talk about  past times when this was the norm  for footy fans on  a Saturday afternoon .

I phone one of my sisters  to tell her I’m going to the game. She mentions that  a brother in law happens to have a spare ticket. I phone him. Great! I’m set.

It’s exciting to be at the G again- in glorious sunshine on  a Saturday afternoon.

I hadn’t seen a  full game of footy yet  this season and this one turns out to be a real heart stopper .  The Bombers have rediscovered themselves. Dustin Fletcher plays like an enthused teenager. The Bombers look confident and are kicking long –Whoah ! Why has it taken so long we ask?

After a lucky escape- a draw,  we’re  grateful. There ‘s nothing more miserable than a long drive home after a loss.

After a night in Shepp I head off to Echuca, then on to my home town of Gunbower. Catching up with relatives and looking at old footy records is my mission for the week.

My grandmother was a great one for keeping old footy records from when her sons played. She sewed them together with cotton or wool .My uncle has a box full dating back to the 50’s in the cupboard .

I’m in my element reading the old records . One thing is for sure -some things never change in footy. Finals tragedies and glories, feuds, the weather, crowd behaviour and players attitudes.

From  the N.D.F.L  Record- Sat 25th June 1960


‘Another thrashing  last Saturday and is it any wonder supporters are beginning to resent it particularly when players are not attending training. When a club has 50 players on their list and only 10 senior players are present on training nights some drastic measures should be taken by the selection committee. I don’t think I have ever seen a team of players, supposedly fit, look so tired, rooted to the spot and at and at least three yards slower than opponents last Saturday.

These opinions are not entirely my own but that of many supporters I have spoken to during the week. The team is at present not playing football worthy of a major league. What about it boys?

However congratulations to Kerang on a great display. You certainly showed premiership form..

Kerang secretary please note- We are not pleased about your ‘Record’ sellers encroaching on our area.’

My week is full of laughs.

I also pay a visit to the archives  at the Cohuna  Historical Society to check old  newspaper accounts. A  wonderful and comprehensive account of football in the Cohuna district is contained here. I’m reminded of the many truly good footballers that played in the district and vow to spend more time here on my next visit .

After a week away it’s time to head back on the seven and a half hour journey  to the Snowy Mountains.  I’ve had my footy fix but there’s still more to come. A brilliant Anzac day game to watch on TV  plus more footy on a Tuesday!

I feel satisfied after such a footy feast. Now it’s time to ponder the upcoming realities of the approaching winter in the mountains.


  1. Returning to the mountains, Pamela? Clearly you have the right surname…

  2. Pamela Sherpa says

    Hey Gigs, I did something crazy 25 years ago- I married a Sherpa from Nepal.

  3. Alovesupreme says

    Did you know that Paul Salmon’s mother is a Cohuna girl?

  4. Welcome home Pamela.

  5. Pamela Sherpa says

    Alovesupreme-yes did know about the Salmon connection.
    Also Brent Guerras mother’s side of the family are the Birds Bruce and Hayden Bird were very good footballers at Union back in the 60’s.
    Gary Farrant is the president of the Cohuna Historical society. Ross Bateman -former Cohuna full forward has compiled the old footy articles from the newspapers. An excellent collection. He has also done the bowls and cricket!

  6. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rocket says

    Hope Ken Colvin and the Toll bros are well and following the Bombers in the Heathcote league

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