Almanac Politics and Footy: Who else was in government when your team won the flag…and a winner in 2021!

Following hot on the heels from her last take on politics and footy, Anne Cahill Lambert adds further layers in reponse to queries and comments.

Almanac Politics and Footy: Who was in government when your team won the flag?

Anne Cahill Lambert lives in Canberra. By her own admission ACL’s life revolves around footy and politics. Here she considers which party was in power at the time teams have won the flag. [It’s a bit of fun – Ed]. And she night be fishing for a prediction.

Hawthorn and women’s footy – Back to the future…again

With the announcement of Hawthorn’s women’s side, Anne Cahill Lambert finally has a side she can really get behind in the AFLW. Her thoughts have turned to the great coaches of the brown and gold and their dedication despite ‘day jobs’ vying for their time…and of course what lies ahead.

Almanac Tennis: While the Hawks are having a bad year, let’s look at the tennis

Anne Cahill Lambert turns her focus onto tennis particularly the issue surrounding Naomi Osaka and press conferences. Anne makes many thought-provoking and relevant points.

Doing better without Mr McGuire

After the leak of Collingwood’s independent report on the culture of the club last week, Anne Cahill Lambert has some thoughts on the man at the centre of the controversy and the top of the black and white tree.

AFLW Round 1 – Carlton v Collingwood: And it’s back!

The AFLW’s season opener had a sluggish first quarter, but turned into an exciting contest which was up for grabs. Collingwood were determined all night writes Anne Cahill Lambert.

Almanac Rugby Union: Rugby Disunion – Worrying Trends

Anne Cahill Lambert has concerns about the position of women in sport. In particular, the scenario surrounding the resignation of Raelene Castle as CEO of Rugby Australia highlights this difficulty she comments.

Man Hating …… Cow

Anne Cahill Lambert is disappointed by the tired old misogynist rants towards women that have no place in today’s society, but unfortunately continue to receive media attention. [I’m with you all the way ACL! – Col]

Almanac Local Footy – Community football: Nothing better

Anne Cahill Lambert fulfilled her duties as an aunt on a cold Canberra day, trekking down to Phillip Oval to watch her niece compete for an improbable Grand Final berth.

Almanac Time Capsule: The whole of Canberra was there to see my niece create footy history

Almost a decade ago to the day, a very proud Anne Cahill Lambert wrote for the Almanac about her niece’s debut as a senior umpire. Today, that niece is a premiership coach.

AFLW Grand Final – Adelaide v Carlton: A classic example

The AFLW Grand Final received all the plaudits it deserved. Anne Cahill Lambert was there to cheer on her Crows – and did they ever fly! She also has some interesting suggestions ahead of the 2020 season.

AFLW Round 1 – Adelaide v Western Bulldogs: Desperate Dogs And Debutants

Adelaide’s stifling heat saw Anne Cahill Lambert watch her Crows on the tele. She saw a lot to like even though her team’s poor kicking cost them the match. She also had a good word for the umpires!

Round 15 – Comment: Fixing a glaring problem

Anne Cahill Lambert is being driven nuts by the AFLM commentary. She took it all in on Friday night.

AFLW Grand Final – Western Bulldogs v Brisbane Lions: All Ironed Out

Anne Cahill Lambert has a few suggestions for next year’s AFLW Grand Final to put to the AFL based on what she saw today when the Western Bulldogs defeated Brisbane without their captain Katie Brennan.

AFLW Round 7 – Collingwood v Adelaide: It was an aviary

Cooped up with Crows and Magpies alike, Anne Cahill Lambert watched on as her Adelaide flyers had their wings clipped by a fast-finishing Collingwood

AFLW Round 4 – GWS v Adelaide: Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head

Anne Cahill Lambert made it out of Canberra’s Big Wet right on time (thanks Brandon) but insufficiently caffeinated (thanks Sutton Forrest) for the Ebony Marinoff tackle-a-thon. And Blacktown’s Big Wet [Well done to those 17 people on the far side – Ed].

AFLW Round 3 – Adelaide Crows v Western Bulldogs: A Few Monty Python Moments

The Adelaide Crows silenced the critics on the weekend by defeating the Western Bulldogs in the match of the season so far. But despite the magnificent game, Anne Cahill Lambert had to catch the action on her tablet due to lack of free-to-air broadcast.

AFLW Round 2 – Melbourne v Adelaide: The answer was blowing in the wind

Anne Cahill Lambert on her Crows’ tussle with Melbourne. And with a fresh perspective on the tyranny of distance, shares an idea for those in charge of scheduling AFLW.

AFLW Round 1 – Adelaide Crows v Brisbane Lions: Not really the sound of music

Watching the Crows lose the AFLW GF re-match was not one of Anne Cahill Lambert’s favourite things as Adelaide went down on Saturday night to a slick Brisbane Lions’ unit.

AO and AFLW: Creature Comforts

Anne Cahill Lambert has loved the tennis and is looking forward to spending a small fortune travelling around Australia to follow her beloved Crows. But she is not impressed with aspects of the scheduling. Midnight starts to tennis matches. Heat-of-the-afternoon starts to footy matches – at exposed venues. Some respect for the paying public please.