AFLW Round 1 – Carlton v Collingwood: And it’s back!




Round 1
Carlton v Collingwood
28 January 2021 at 7.10 pm, Ikon Park



We headed to Inverloch earlier in the week to see family who we haven’t seen in more than a year:  Covid.  We loved our time with them.  Back to coffee shops and pubs, socially distanced of course!  We taught our old (but new) doggy how to be a beach dog – an experience she’s never had.  A great week!



Hunny (foreground) with her buddy, Cricket, learning how to be a beach dog.



We explained to the rellos that we needed to leave early this morning (Thursday) so that we were back in time for the AFLW.  Our relatives told us that, at worst, it would take five hours to get back to our country hideaway.  My husband, the mad Pie supporter, explained that the TV needed to be warmed up.


Our relatives looked at us as if we had two heads.  I don’t think they know about AFLW supporters or they’ve forgotten about my husband’s passion for anything Collingwood.


It was exciting – until I got to the end of the first quarter.  I don’t know what happened in that quarter.  I was concerned that absolutely none of the players had trained in the seemingly 30,000 years they had been off the field.  They appeared to be sluggish, unfit and incapable of seeing out four quarters.  I then started to worry about what the naysayers would make of this.  Only one behind was scored in the first quarter – not a great advertisement for those who are critical of AFLW.  But … it’s a long time since anyone played a real game for points.


The second quarter restored my faith in these wonderful women.  The Pies kicked 4.1 to Carlton’s zilch.  Still not a good look going into the rooms at half time for the Blues, but despite the score line, it was competitive. Plus, Stacey Livingstone was brilliant in the back line for Collingwood.  Not even a mosquito was going to get through her.  For my money, she was best on ground.


Carlton put in a premiership quarter in the third term, kicking 3.1 to Collingwood’s solitary goal.  The Pies were still in front, but the Blues made their mark and put the fear of loss up the Collingwood goal chain.


The Pies were lucky to win, scoring just one behind in the final term.  Had the Blues been accurate, the outcome would have been different.  There was just one goal in it as the siren sounded.


I haven’t spent much time analysing the ins and outs of this game because I’m just so pleased to have the game back– or, for me, it’s a long time since I’ve analysed a game as well!


I do want to record the magnificent effort, though, of Tayla Harris. What a week she has had! This young woman was appointed Victorian Young Australian of the Year.  This meant that she spent the earlier part of this week in Canberra, being judged with other jurisdictional winners for the national accolade.  It was a huge event for her, and she fulfilled her duties with aplomb.  This involved rubbing shoulders with all sorts of important people, including the Governor General, the Prime Minister and other leaders of government and society.  She has achieved so much, including making a significant mark on the game tonight.  Well done, Tayla!


My household is very glad the AFLW is back with such a terrific match and with so much skill on display.  The TV is now warm, and we won’t need such a long lead in time for the rest of Round 1.


Oh, and speaking of TV: the free to air coverage had three women commentating.  Out of a total of four commentators!  Well done!



Carlton            0.0       0.0       3.1       4.3       (27)
Collingwood   0.1       4.2       5.2       5.3       (33)


Carlton:           Stevens, Vescio, Hosking, Harrington
Collingwood:   Molloy (2), Sheridan (2), Davey


Our Best:
Carlton:           Harris
Collingwood:   Livingstone


They had their moments too:  but they haven’t umpired for a long time either, so their performance improved throughout the match, in the same way that the players’ performance improved:
Meredith, McGinness, Pell.


Crowd:  6,712.

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  1. John Butler says

    Anne, the rust was clearly visible in the first term. But it got better.

    AFLW has always tended to start slow, then build, then have to end just as it really felt like it was warming up. The limitations of the short season and preparation.

    But it’s good to have it back.


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