AFLW Round 4 – GWS v Adelaide: Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head

A posse of family and friends awoke in the nation’s capital to record rainfall: 65 mm in one hour.  The main road out of Canberra (Northbourne Avenue) was closed so new routes had to be devised.  This was fine until it was decided that coffee would be needed at Sutton Forrest, a standard watering hole for commuters between Canberra and Sydney.  Alas, the power was out so no coffee, or food.  Then the Hume Freeway was closed, and detours were followed.  Brandon, the ever-patient voice on the GPS, predicted an ETA of 4.17 pm.


As usual, Brandon was right.  He didn’t advise that the rain that had closed Canberra was now threatening the Blacktown International Sports Park at Rooty Hill.  But all 2,409 attendees worked it out very quickly.


This was an ugly match with flashes of brilliance by just a few players who know how to play in the rain.  Unfortunately, and again, the umpires impacted unfairly on the game.  The Crows had four 50 metre penalties awarded against them.  Consistency of decision-making is a significant problem for the umpires and something that needs to be addressed by decision makers.


The star of the day was Captain Reliable, the steady hands of Chelsea Randall.  She is having a huge season.  She was able to mark and kick the ball where others couldn’t.  But for Chelsea’s efforts, GWS may have been able to sail away down the Parramatta River and take the win.  Ebony Marinoff must have slept well on Sunday night because she reached the dizzying heights of 21 tackles.  She was in everything and set up the first goal, scored by the ever-reliable Courtney Cramey.


For GWS, Cora Staunton seemed to have the wet weather by the throat.  She scored a terrific goal using her Gaelic footy technique of standing at right angles to the goal.  She was a key contributor for GWS but needs to learn the rules of the game.  She wanted to argue with the umpire about whether it was appropriate to award a 50-metre penalty against her when she placed the ball on the ground rather than passing it to the Adelaide player following a free kick.  Indeed, in commentary, Kate Sheehan said it was unfair as she just didn’t know the rules.  Hmmm, not sure that this defence will work.


It was a pity that Jenna McCormick (Crows) wasn’t able to kick truly for at least two of her four sprays at goal.  They were treacherous conditions though and I think that even The Great Peter Hudson would have had trouble in that weather.


Turning to Eloise And Ruthie Watch (my favourite debutantes):  Jones and Wallace had a terrific game.  Jones was instrumental in setting up some good flowing play towards the Crows’ goal square, while Wallace scored a goal from an unlikely angle.


It was a pity that someone had to lose; and a draw meant that both teams really lost as it will be hard to end up in the top two now.  There will be too much reliance on the performance of other teams.  This short season with only two finalists does underline the difficulty of teams being able dig themselves out of a hole.  But, for Adelaide, perhaps Thomas’ lyrics are relevant:


Raindrops keep falling on my head
But that doesn’t mean my eyes will soon be turning red
Crying’s not for me
‘Cause I’m never gonna stop the rain by complaining
Because I’m …


It has been a hard season and going back to back was a big ask when the stars were missing for the first couple of matches.  I’m sure they’ll be stoical and do all they can to continue to be competitive.


The travellers continued to experience treacherous conditions on the drive home.  At least there was a coffee available at Sutton Forrest.


Greater Western Sydney:      1.1       2.3       2.6       2.7(19)
Adelaide                                  1.1       1.2       1.3       2.7(19)


Greater Western Sydney:      Beeson, Staunton
Adelaide                                  Cramey, Wallace


Randall 3, Marinoff 2, Staunton 1

2,409 all of whom were in the one small stand, except for 17 people standing under marquees in driving rain on the far side of the ground.


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  1. Yvette Wroby says

    Hi Anne I love how much weather features in most of the games and reports. Each game is so vital and changes the competition and that lays another layer to the excitement. My philosophy is it’s good to share the Cup around. Then again I am a St Kilda supporter so there is a lot of wishful thinking.

  2. Anne Cahill Lambert says

    Thanks Yvette. I laugh thinking about games as a kid in the 1960s at Moorabbin.

    But is it fair to play in these conditions when others don’t have to in a seven series comp?

    Not so sure …

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