Almanac Baseball: To The Third Decimal Point

Brian the Ruminator continues his introduction to the joys of Major League Baseball. Professional sport is increasingly a world of KPI’s and stats. Brian ruminates on the important numbers in the MLB.

Cubs now the Maddon Crowd

The baseball World Series has just finished but Mic Rees is already on board for his Chicago Cubs run at the 2015 pennant. Baseball fans will enjoy this history of the “loveable losers” managers, occasional successes and new season prospects and signings.

The Sporting Web: Vulture Capitalism; Spurs Culture; Dodgy Vets and Legendary Schmoozers

Peter Baulderstone is suddenly uninterested in the AFL for inexplicable reasons. He introduces some articles from US sports websites about greed, strategy, gambling and beer. Always an interesting combination.

Very Excellent Adventures Remembered.

Yvette Wroby is back from six months travel in the USA. Here she covers the four major sports and everything else in her excellent adventure, which she shares with her Almanac family.