Almanac Baseball: Ruminating on MLB and the ABL in 2021

As various footy codes start winding up, Brian the Ruminator turns his attention yet again to baseball, in particular the local competiton and the world’s biggest league.

Almanac Baseball: Mid-Season Wrap/All Star Game Preview

Brian the Ruminator turns his attention from rugby to baseball as the MLB’s season begins to take shape.

Almanac Baseball: Babe’s Spirit 100 Years On

Brian The Ruminator reports Shohei Ohtani, of the LA Angels, is a baseball player who may, in time, rival the heady feats of the great Babe Ruth.

Almanac Baseball – Ruminating on Rankings

Brian The Ruminator runs the stats to see who’s hot and who’s not in Major League Baseball this season.

Almanac Baseball: Aces High/Red Sox Fly

Brian The Ruminator updates us on how the Covid-abbreviated Claxton Shield competition eventuated. As a Redsox fan, he’s also delighting in their strong start to the MLB season.

Almanac Baseball: Tribute to a legend, Pride of the LA Royal Blue

Richard Marlow pays his respects to a colossus of baseball, LA Dodgers hero Tommy Lasorda, reflecting upon a chance meeting in Sydney over 20 years ago.

Almanac Baseball: Getting On Base

Brian The Ruminator recalls the film “Moneyball”, and how it again might just relate to the Covid-truncated Major League Baseball season underway in the USA.

Almanac Baseball: Is Houston to be another Tigerland?

Brian the Ruminator brings baseball fans up to date about the 2019 World Series soon taking place between the Houston Astros & the Washington Nationals. The Astros might just do a “Richmond” suggests BTB.

Almanac Baseball: Ode to Lefties

Baseball aficionado Brian ruminates about a couple of great left-handed pitchers for his Boston Rex Sox and plays word games with his aspiring nephew.

Almanac Baseball: ABL Done, MLB Awaits

The Bandits have won the ABL (four in a row!) and there is a lull now until MLB starts in late March. How to fill the void? Brian the Ruminator has some thoughts.

Almanac Baseball: Soxxxxx!!!!!!

We think Brian the Rumminator might be slightly pleased at the result of the latest MLB World Series, but we’re not sure…

In the aftermath, Brian’s penned an ode to the greatest season he’s ever seen his beloved Boston put together.

Almanac Baseball: Done My Pennants

It’s all heating up for a big World Series, Brian the Ruminator takes us through the AL and NL Championship Series that’ve resulted in the second ever meeting between the Dodgers and Red Sox, the first in over a hundred years.

Almanac Baseball: Divisional Wrap

It’s ‘batters up’ for Brian as he gives us the lowdown on the baseball postseason playoffs – with more to come as the series continue.

Almanac Baseball: Post Season With Most Post

Brian The Ruminator provides a MLB post-season update as baseball moves into the business end of the season and offers punters plenty of excitement.

Almanac Baseball: 2018 MLB All Star Game

‘American exceptionalism can often be a distorted caricature but on this night in DC it was indeed exceptional and quite beautiful.’
Brian The Ruminator gives a run down of the 2018 MLB All Star Game which took place yesterday in Washington DC.

Almanac Baseball: Sox Soar

Love ’em or hate ’em (Brian the Ruminator loves ’em) the Boston Red Sox are in the midst of arguably their best ever start to a season. He breaks down why this year has been a red-letter one for the red-socked ones.

Almanac Baseball: Bandits Steal Home

Brian the Ruminator wraps up the The 2017/18 ABL season as the Brisbane Bandits won their third successive Claxton Shield on Sunday.

Almanac Baseball: The Other Summer Shield

Almanackers, if you are looking for a new treat this summer keep an eye out for the Australian Baseball League ruminates Brian.

Almanac Baseball: The Hunt for Red October

Are the Red Sox good enough to go all the way in October? Brian looks at their chances in the MLB.

Almanac Baseball: 2017 All Star Game

The MLB All Star Game had all the excitement and drama that you would expect and Brian has the action covered.