Almanac Satire – A modern statistician’s guide to Round 17

Overwhelmed by the modern game? Don’t be! Andrew Kelso holds all the answers (some of them are even correct) with this statistical guide to the latest round.

Almanac Baseball: To The Third Decimal Point

Brian the Ruminator continues his introduction to the joys of Major League Baseball. Professional sport is increasingly a world of KPI’s and stats. Brian ruminates on the important numbers in the MLB.

The (Renovated) Statistical Premiership Window

The time-honoured Damien Little Premiership Window. So, who wins the flag? This is quite remarkable.

2013 AFL Grand Final Infographic

Move over Weg, Jake Stevens offers pictures to help the linguistically challenged post-lunch Almanacker. Move over Caro and Gerard, he’s doing the Festival of the Boot live webstreaminternetcast thingo for Latrobe Uni tomorrow afternoon. Log in and do yourself a favour (we’re still very 80’s here at Almanac HQ).

The F Word – The race to the top 8

Cobba Stevens reckons it’s mathematically possible for Gold Coast to make the finals. Now we’ve all paused to contemplate and dismiss this possibility…where will your team end up heading into September? Statistics tell all. Also, Cobba wraps up the stats on another sad week for Melbourne, and checks out the history of first vs second.

Joel Selwood, an experienced winner

On the weekend, Joel played his 150th game for Geelong, and recorded his 124th victory for the side as well. Over his journey, he’s only experienced 26 defeats, and leads the competition for the highest win/loss ratio of current players (those who have played 150 games or more).

The Curse of the bye

More teams lose the game after the bye than not – but is it as simple as blaming the week’s rest? Cobba Stevens thinks there’s more to it.

Cornes, Black, and other club games record holders

As Cobba rounds up the stats for Round 12, he contemplates two record-breaking milestones (and how they compare with his own efforts).

AFL Round 11 – Melbourne v Collingwood: Who is Mr 100%?

Cobba gives 110% in his latest article, looking at who has recorded the most “One Percenters” this year. The answer will surprise you.