Round 13 – Gold Coast v St Kilda: Battle of travelling clubs

After a tiring day at the coal face, Yoshi was pleased to watch a replay of the Saints thrilling win against the Suns. But, why no theme song after the win Yoshi asks?

Round 13 – Gold Coast v St. Kilda: After being shanghaied in Shanghai, Saints go to town against Suns in Sunny Townsville; well, it wasn’t quite like that!

Much to Braham Dabscheck’s chagrin, the Saints remain consistently inconsistent, except for their inability to score from a set shot. Still somehow that was enough on Saturday.

Stories of Lunch: Why do they do it?

Three chaps went to lunch in Townsville – as they do most days. Only, on this day, someone initiated a decent conversation. They started with banner-makers and wound up concluding that Footscray had more to offer, philosophically, than Richmond. Mulcaster was one of the lunchers. [Quality – JTH]

Grand Final – West Coast v Hawthorn: A Victorian Abroad

Victorian Tony Moon has spent half his life in north Queensland. But, says Mulcaster, it hasn’t changed him. [A classic description of Grand Final tradition – JTH]

Off Season Odyssey – Part 32: Masters of Stories

  I’m driving through Air Force bases, and Army bases, and American Military bases and palm trees and R.A.A.F museums, when I hear Townsville Sharks Masters Footy Club are having a training run on a stinking hot Sunday morning. I’ve been on the road for a day and a half, and still have to get [Read more]