Almanac Music (and AFL premierships): ‘Eagle Rock’ and the origin of The Down Trou

Given the West Coast’s victory, we’re thinking the state of WA should celebrate with a choreographed and coordinated Down Trou. Or a whole year of it – every time the opening riff is heard. This is something about its elusive origins written by an ardent Pies fan Lord Malcaster:

The Down Trou has become world famous. Lord Mulcaster remembers its Union College origins. He was reminded of those grand days recently when he was at a Union College re-Union Ball at City Hall in Brisbane. When that riff plays, there is only one thing to do…

Everyday Obituaries: Patricia (Pat) Collins

Anthony ‘Gulbo’ Collins, known in these parts by his nom de plume ‘Mulcaster’, delivered these fine words at the funeral of his mother Pat. She was the personification of love.

Almanac Book Review: The Cricket is a lost cause, read a book instead.

Following Australia’s effort in the 1st Test, Anthony Collins suggests an alternative summer recreational activity, reading a Naval tome by Ian Toll.

Boxing Day

Mulcaster dons his historian’s hat to give us a potted history of the festival of Christmas. From when it was instituted to when it was banned to when it was revived.

Almanac Music: Spoiler and ‘Another One Bites the Dust’

Mulcaster offers his inimitable memories of his younger days. Debts owed to mates and spray-on red satin dresses. For gentlemen “of a certain age”.

Stories of Lunch: Why do they do it?

Three chaps went to lunch in Townsville – as they do most days. Only, on this day, someone initiated a decent conversation. They started with banner-makers and wound up concluding that Footscray had more to offer, philosophically, than Richmond. Mulcaster was one of the lunchers. [Quality – JTH]

Grand Final – West Coast v Hawthorn: A Victorian Abroad

Victorian Tony Moon has spent half his life in north Queensland. But, says Mulcaster, it hasn’t changed him. [A classic description of Grand Final tradition – JTH]