Round 13 – Gold Coast v St Kilda: Battle of travelling clubs

Gold Coast vs St Kilda
Saturday, 15 June 2019
1:45 pm
Riverway Stadium, Townsville


Saints lost heavily in Shanghai two weeks ago and travelled again to North Queensland to face the Suns who had previously travelled to Shanghai for two seasons.


I was worried about the loss because of what I had witnessed in the Chinese city and our bad record of travelling including three losses in my favourite Wellington.


My work was long last week and I was cooked on Thursday night and Friday night was quite intense. Then my former colleague didn’t turn up in the morning on the game day. And I made a mistake tapping wrong meals on the terminal device. Tiredness and feeling under the pressure made that error.


My worry was increased because things were not right. Although footy is not related to or connected with my work status. But it could be a curse…


When I was on Level 1 to take ingredients to the kitchen on the ground floor, I checked the score and  we trailed by 19 points. I was worried a bit, but believed we could bounce back.


I finished my first shift at 3 pm and went straight  upstairs to watch the game live on Watch AFL App.


We were still behind but the margin was only six points at the last quarter.


Tim Membrey put us in front and Jack Billings scored two goals afterwards. When I saw Billings’ first goal, my eyes were wet. I am not sure of the reason. It can be, a) because he’s my favourite player; or b) because he has much improved like myself.


At the end, I saw Saints going marching in but didn’t listen to the club song. Where is the winning music?


Even without hearing the song, I am so relieved with the four-point win.


Then watching the replay of the full match on Sunday morning was on my list. I had worked so hard in the previous two days and was put in the deep frier on Saturday night after the winning game.


I got cooked again there and wanted to leave work as soon as possible, but was put much pressures verbally even I was tired. Being frustrated and annoyed, I punched air in the way Alastair Clarkson did at MCG in 2012.


Tiredness created my Sunday morning plan with an hour delay, but managed to watch the replay and get to the Dingoes training at 2 pm as usual.


Here are match highlights:


Sloppy footy, errors of ball uses in the forward pocket and missing opportunities put us being behind and the biggest margin to trail was 31 points at third quarter.


Watching such skills on Sunday morning was not fun. It just woke me up…


In first quarter, Bruce was unable to take a mark, Membrey struggled with exiting the traffic and Parker wasted an opportunity.


Billings’ long kick hit the post and no one won the contest after Ross’ long kick.


Once again Bruce fumbled and should have ran to get footy.


And even Saints’ great goal kicker Gresham kicked but hit the post.


St Kilda only scored two behinds in the first quarter. It was awful…


Finally Dunstan picked up the footy and kicked long (around 50 metres) in the second quarter. It was St Kilda’s first goal of the afternoon.


Then the first game player, Nick Hind followed from 30 metres out, directly in front. He was welcomed warmly by his teammates with his first AFL goal.


Welcome to the Saints!


Queenslander and the veteran Saint, David Armitage was back in the Saints squad. He grabbed the ball, put shoulder down and ran fast on the field. We value his experiences at the footy club.


Sadly young Saints wasted opportunities during the second quarter too.


1. After Willie had been awarded a 50-metre penalty, Bruce was unable to take a mark.


2. Membrey dropped  the mark of the ball Hind kicked long.


3. Newnes hasn’t had a set shot in the forward pocket and instead kicked over the fence.


Also Gresham missed at 25 metres out.


Such errors still kept being made in the  third quarter. Parker handballed the wrong way, a sloppy mark was taken by Newnes and Savage couldn’t catch up that created open space for the opposition.


Fox Footy commentators described the last two goals kicked by the Suns as two soft goals.


Gold Coast 7.7(49) St Kilda 2.6(18) at the time. We were 31 points down.


But my boys started bouncing back at the point.


Kent took a mark after Dunstan had kicked. The former Demon scored a goal that we needed.


Good ball movement was demonstrated by Saints. Hind’s tackle was recorded as turn over and he kicked towards Kent and then Membrey. The number 28 ran hard and scored a goal.


Another turn over was made and Membrey kicked towards Gresham. The small forward finished his job.


Following one behind scored each team, Battle who has played in the back line this year ran towards footy Newnes kicked and scored a goal from 50 metres out.


Hind showed a gesture on the field demonstrating good communication skills. It’s good to have matured aged players at Morrabbin.


Our four consecutive goals were answered by Sam Day later. Then Armitage fell down on a contested mark. He had pain in his calf.


Membrey took a good lead inside 50. Hind’s kick was taken a mark by Skunk. He’s finished the job bringing six points.


Later in third quarter, the opponent had a minor score. Gold Coast led by seven points at the last break.


At last quarter, Kent gained four runs and bounces and scored his second goal on the day. Now we were a point behind.


But Holman answered putting them seven points leading again.


After scoring few behinds each, Armo showed good skills in handballing and then Dunstan ran hard with two bounces. The young midfielder handpassed to Membrey. Unlikely the last time, he scored a goal. Now Saints were in front!


Jack Billings, fans’ favourite as well as mine, kicked a goal just outside 50 metres out. This brilliant goal had made me emotional during the live coverage.


Having Sexton answered and Membrey wasting an opportunity, my nerve was right. But Billings tackles well and was paid a free kick. It was a ticket for gaining six points.


No Saints’ goal was scored afterwards and missing opportunities was done again.


And Miles kicked a goal; however the siren sounded and we won by four points.


Sadly I was not able to hear the club song whilst watching replay? Why no “Oh when the Saints go marching in” at Townsville? Please explain!!


And the Fox Footy commentators disappeared too quick after the game. Wasn’t the game important??


By the way, I have had two good footy trainings with the Dingoes. A week before this game, our good friend Yvette Wroby visited our training and my kicks were the longest. Teammates including Matt were impressed.


Then I had a one on one training with Matt the day after the match. He told me that my actions on leading were magnificent with good efforts. Membrey’s great leading at last quarter affected my on field performances??


I came back to the club as a different player (from the Shanghai Cup), Matt told us at the Saints’ bye week.


My on field performances made me smiles.


GOLD COAST 3.5 5.6 8.9 11.10 (76)
ST KILDA 0.2 2.5 7.8 11.14 (80)


Gold Coast: King 2, Wright 2, Holman 2, Powell, Martin, Day, Sexton, Miles
St Kilda: Membrey 3, Billings 2, Kent 2, Dunstan, Hind, Gresham, Battle


Gold Coast: Swallow, Weller, Martin, Brodie, Fiorini, Ah Chee
St Kilda: Billings, Membrey, Ross, Dunstan, Kent, Gresham, Marshall


3. Billings (STK); 2. Membrey (STK); 1. Weller (GCS)


Umpires: Foot, Power, Whetton, Harris


Official crowd: 7243



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