The 2015 ‘Mopsy’ Fraser Cup – Round Two

Earl O’Neill gives insight into Round 2 of the AFL and the key talking points (in his opinion) that have come out of the Round just gone.

Tips and Fantasies

Hello. My name is Smokie. And at this time of the year I suddenly become consumed by footy tipping comps and fantasy leagues.

AFL Round 6: Winners and Losers

The first rule of Round Six is don’t talk about Round Six. Not because we don’t want anyone to know about it, but because you didn’t even need to witness it to know what happened for 90 per cent of it.

AFL – Round 4 preview: Playing the Man (or Woman)?

This week’s fixtures are tantalising with intriguing encounters riddled throughout the weekend, writes Sal Ciardulli, fresh from tipping seven winners last weekend.

The Wrap (I): The Tipsters’ Nightmare

In a typical Opening Round, the Village Idiot and the Drover’s Dog topped just about every tipping competition in the land.

Cloke & Daggered!

Greetings one and all, As the season progresses through its final trimester clubs are taking action to position themselves for both this year and the next.  The Blues would appear to have wisely conceded and sent off Lachie Henderson for surgery rather than risk further injury through this campaign.  Meanwhile the Pies have made the [Read more]

Tipping with the head, not the heart

This year I’m in a tipping competition at my mother’s retirement home.  The week-day manager is a bright and energetic woman, a footy nut and has 20 or so people, staff, family and residents, involved, including my mum, sister and I.  Mum just tips who she likes, Denise and I take it a little more [Read more]