AFL Round 6 – Richmond v Geelong: Johnson Bloody Johnson

Paddy Grindlay lives in a family where the parents have seen it all before, whereas the kids live in Richmond-hope. On a chilly night in Kyneton they hope for the best.

AFL Round 6 – Sydney v Adelaide: Crows in a tight one

As the Crows prepare for their Preliminary Final v Hawthorn, we recall the day earlier in the season when they beat one of the other contenders, the Swans.

No fairy tale ending at the SCG

On the eve of round 6, one astute observer made the point that Melbourne Storm, in the Sydney based NRL and the Sydney Swans, playing in Melbourne-centric AFL were both undefeated. Contrary indeed. The potential for a good match between Sydney and Adelaide loomed. After a great win against Hawthorn, the Swans were set to [Read more]

Port is a mess

Round Six Port is a mess In a crunch game, Richmond fought for their season and Port limped along, as if they had all the time in the world to reassemble their parcel. Michelangelo Rucci, chief footy writer for the ’Tiser, and an avowed Port fan, lost his cool. Matty Primus should do the decent [Read more]

Are theTigers learning lessons from the past

Cast your minds back to round 10 of last year. Port Adelaide were a basket case while Richmond had just defeated the Bombers and were humming along nicely, having won four of their past five matches. The result of this Tiger v Power match was considered a ‘fait accompli’. Richmond had sold this home game [Read more]

I didn’t know ducks had a team in the AFL…

FEARLESS (6) – Didn’t know ducks had a team in the AFL… Collingwood was staring down the barrel of defeat against a spirited Bulldogs outfit as the round got underway on Friday Night at Etihad. The Dogs had got off to a flyer before the Pies had pegged them back. Ryan Griffen had the ball [Read more]

An all round win from afar

I have lived a very privileged supporter’s life. Over the past four AFL seasons I’ve only watched my team from behind the wall of a LCD on two occasions. The second of which was last Saturday night. Ever since I met a very nice boy from Ballarat last September my heart has had to make [Read more]

The View from Shepparton – Round 6

Two great games this week, the Crows v Sydney and The Suns v Freo. Everyone is raving about the game in Sydney and in truth it was one of the best Crows wins in years. I have been so cynical about Adelaide over the past few years and more so this year particularly after their [Read more]

The 2012 ‘Mopsy’ Fraser Cup – Round Six

Greetings Tipsters I’ve watched the football on teev in many places, from my loungeroom to an open-air bar in Asia, but before Sunday, I’d never watched it in the Commanding Officer’s cabin of a heavily-armed warship. Perky Girl and I were given a tour of the ship by the CO and I was much taken [Read more]

No Foxtel? No problem! There’s always the radio

Saturday mornings are frantic. Filling up water bottles, treating any niggles and getting a tennis bag ready, it isn’t easy! As My Dad, brother and I get in the car, we get half way along the neighbouring street until Dad says, “Max do you have any tennis balls?” We turn back.

Tipping with the head, not the heart

This year I’m in a tipping competition at my mother’s retirement home.  The week-day manager is a bright and energetic woman, a footy nut and has 20 or so people, staff, family and residents, involved, including my mum, sister and I.  Mum just tips who she likes, Denise and I take it a little more [Read more]

A Luculia Winter

I’m a mass murderer of luculias. At last count I’ve killed six of them, though one of the six died because it wasn’t potted up correctly at the nursery. I reckon I could get off that with a grievous bodily harm rap.

Round 6 Winners and Losers

Round 6 is done and dusted and only one undefeated team remains. It will be remembered for giving us some great games, some horrible games and Joshua Bootsma. Winners West Coast Eagles Winners because they are the last remaining undefeated team. Losers because their entire list is going to be out with injury by round [Read more]

Ritual or routine?

Growing up, footy, for our family, was a matter of ritual. Each season developed its own rhythm, its own timetable, and we would find ourselves doing the same thing at the same time each week. Church, school, Saladas and Vegemite and Adventure Island after-school and then kick-to-kick, Monday’s newspaper to read, and F-Troop, being allowed [Read more]

Pies do it without the umpires – again

There will be fireworks. There will yelling and cheering. There will be dancing in the streets. The Prime Minister of the day will tell the people of Australia that any boss who sacks their employee for not attending work the next day is a bum. And I want to be there to witness the event [Read more]

The Hardest Working Men in Football

What a week it’s been in life and footy, Eddie.  Sorry, I’m suffering from Wrap Deprivation Syndrome.  Who would have thought that he’d desert TLSWRF* and take the $1.5 million a season from GWS to ghost write Sheeds’ column for the Blacktown Bugle? (*The Long Suffering Wrap Reader Faithful). 

Mosquito fleet helps Bombers soar

The “refugee” from Jersey rang me up earlier in the week to see if I was free to go and see the Dons take on Brisbane. Not a lot was on for me, so the answer was a quick yes.  Now I don’t have a lot of love for the Emptyhead Stadium behind Spencer Street  [Read more]

First in, best dressed

It is hard sometimes following AFL when attending university in NSW. With their obvious passion for league and union, footy comes third at best with the majority of my student colleagues. I am almost half way through my third year in Bathurst, and in all the time that I have been here, I have never been [Read more]

A Few Old Chestnuts

Greetings All Being in Hobart there is also the opportunity to take in the ruminations, observations and considerations from the Great Sage from the South of which are littered throughout this literary diatribe. No shortage of footy stories this week in both the news and the forum.  Most of them covering a few old chestnuts [Read more]