Almanac Footy History: Clegg’s Match

1949 Brownlow Medalist Ron Clegg played a match for South Melbourne in 1951 of such dominance that is still referred to as “Clegg’s Match”. Richard Davis reports.

Thank You Ma’am

Thank you Ma’am It is one of the lesser known achievements of the 60 year reign of Your Majesty Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, Queen of Australia and Her other Realms and Territories, Head of the Commonwealth that you are responsible for my addiction. To be fair to Your Majesty as a [Read more]

Anyone out there holding an AFL Retro?

The winner of the Norm Smith medal usually doubles up with an AFL premiership winner’s medal. After three gut-busting hours, only flag-winning adrenaline could allow Mr Norm to lump half a stone of metal around his neck on the lap of honour.   I say this because I have recently worn a Jock McHale medal [Read more]

Larceny, Labour Day and Lakeside

  by Mic Rees Victorian Premier Cricket’s Country Round, traditionally played in early January, was brought forward to the final weekend in October this season with the North Victorian town of Numurkah hosting the clash between Casey-South Melbourne and Footscray Edgewater Cricket clubs. Casey-South Melbourne spinner Clive Rose’s figures of 5/43 included a hat trick [Read more]

If this grandstand could talk……………

    by Chris Bracher The guardian of the Western end of Albert Park Lake, she stands statuesque; the Lady of the Lake. A book-end mirrored at the lake’s Eastern end by the Blackie-Ironmonger stand at the Junction..   These bookends also marked “tribal” lines in a less sophisticated sporting era, when the “Battle of [Read more]

The Discovery of Bob Pratt

While I never played football at the Highest Level, I think I can legitimately lay claim to being one of the game’s greatest archaeologists.  For it was me in 1995 along with my good friend Mike Lefebvre who rediscovered the man, the legend, that was Bob Pratt. During that year, Mike and I were researching [Read more]

Book Review: A Prodigious Tome for an Epic Tale

A Prodigious Tome for an Epic Tale Book: The Red Fox: The Biography of Norm Smith Writer: Ben Collins Publisher: The Slattery Media Group, 2008. Contemporary football biographies continue to fill a lucrative corner of the sports publishing market place. Rarely does a champion seem to retire without the close accompaniment of a publishing deal. [Read more]

Italian Team of the Century- Charles Pettiona

If you wish to see the whole Italian Team of the Century, it’s available at: By Tony De Bolfo Charles Joseph “Laddie” Pettiona Alma only saw Charles on a handful of occasions after she married into the Pettiona family. That was when Charles paid a call to her then address at 69 Poolman Street, Port [Read more]

Italian Team of the Century- Cecil Pettiona

If you wish to see the whole Italian Team of the Century, it’s available at: by Tony De Bolfo Cecil William Pettiona It’s nigh on a quarter of a century now since members of the South Melbourne football team of 1933 last took to the Lake Oval. They’ve all gone now – the likes of [Read more]