Football enigmas

Thinking about ‘all things South Melbourne’ and Peter Bedford there is a website  where various artists get the chance to make money selling stuff. If you type in Peter Bedford or Australian Football or even “footy enigmas” or just try the artist’s name Chris Rees you will see some great artwork on “1970’s footy enigmas” including Peter Bedford selling the Dummy in perfect baulk pose. There’s also Robbie McGhie, Gary Dempsey (circa Footscray), Robbie Flower, Vinnie Catoggio, Geoff Blethyn, Michael Tuck, Bernie Quinlin (circa Fitzroy), David Dench, Cowboy Neal and even Peter Mckenna in classic goal kicking posture. There’s also a nice representation of the Essendon logo making comment on their recent tragic saga.

I bought a few “enigmas” in sticker form and gave Peter Bedford to a bloke at work who hails from Sin City and naturally enough barracks for Sydney. He’d never heard of Peter Bedford but stuck him on his desk and now Bedford sells everyone the dummy when they walk past.Not sure why Dench is considered a “footy enigma”?



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