View From Shepparton: AFL Round 13

By Peter Schumacher

Well this was a pretty straightforward round in terms of expected results;  indeed in one tipping competition I picked 7 winners.

The Lions continue to look good but given their opponents this was not difficult. In fact I reckon that Brisbane,  and Geelong for that matter, could have been a little upset by the last quarter resurgence by Melbourne and the Powerless respectively but perhaps by then energy was being saved for another day.

Didn’t think that Carlton would lose, let alone get walloped, but Essendon was definitely having one of their better days. They have come from the dead I reckon.

The same applies to Adelaide and Collingwood. I have to say that though I have the utmost respect for Mick Malthouse  it  wouldn’t worry me too much if Collingwood’s winning run was to come to a grinding halt. There can be nothing much more off-putting than Joffa and or his disciples celebrating yet another win.

Sydney have had it, and it is really time that Hall gives it away. I would hate to be a team mate of this blazing volcano of a man. Adelaide keep on keeping on but I am not quite sure that I am really a believer as yet.

Richmond went back to their old ways but St Kilda were pretty good after that sluggish first quarter.

Glad that the West Coast Eagles won, everyone thought that Hawthorn could create a dynasty almost but they have well and truly been brought back to the field. Their only really bright spot is Jarryd Roughead. Nicholas Naitanui was fantastic in that last quarter, who could forget that goal where he affected a spoil running against an opponent, rushed towards goal; half messed up a bounce, regathered the ball and then bounced the ball through. Having said that, I just hope that his career isn’t messed up by his being massively overhyped as the result of two games. On the other hand if what we have seen is but a portent of things to come every footy supporter in the land could be in for real treat.

The Bulldogs were ultimately too good for North Melbourne but this too was scarcely a surprise.

For most of us it would be good enough to look forward to the one block buster this weekend, Collingwood v Essendon, but how does it good does it get? In the “other” game wouldn’t have a clue who will prevail, St Kilda or Geelong? What a season it has been and yet it could mean nothing at all to one of these clubs when the final siren sounds on grand final day.

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