The View From Shepparton: We deserve a better go from telly stations

By Peter Schumacher

As Round 12 wends its way through our consciousness the main issues for “The View” are old and recurring but they are:

•         Has the AFL ever heard of soccer?
•         Who is more unpopular, the banks, Networks 7 and 10, or the AFL?
•         Is it the worst case of corporate greed yet seen that there was no free-to-air coverage to Melbourne for yesterday afternoon’s two matches. (Or indeed no free to air to Shepparton or as I understand it NSW. Don’t know about Queensland; surely they got the Brisbane game?). Both games were paramount to the fortunes of the teams involved.

I fervently hope that when the parties involved have finished their negotiations for the next contracts that the resultant TV schedules are fair to the rank and file supporters across the country  because believe you me if they are not  soccer is looking increasingly enticing, particularly if that code  gets its act together and goes free to air.  And by “fair” I mean live telecasts of interstate games where the home team is playing away or indeed live telecasts to any state where their team is not represented. Country areas in any particular state should also be given live broadcasts. Now I am aware that there are commercial imperatives that would impede some of this stuff — for example Pay Television wants a fair shake of the sauce bottle or whatever it is — but none of that will matter if soccer really gets going and why shouldn’t it with the country aiming to host a world cup?

Now to 5/8 of 3/10 of, Oh it doesn’t matter …

Brisbane and Adelaide are definite grinners, Hawthorn have fallen into a deep abyss of injury and poor form. Shouldn’t use that excuse against the Lions though given their injury list, they are really looking OK. Brown certainly has the ability to take a game apart. Buddy used to but for whatever reason he is way off his game. Fantastic effort by the Lions.

Pretty good for Adelaide too, they have certainly resurrected themselves, bad luck for Adam Simpson, no one gets any great joy from seeing a great player have a miserable return when a personal achievement like a 300th game has been achieved. I was rubbishing Craig a few weeks ago, could be very wrong.

Port Adelaide are going from hopeless to more hopeless yet they are 6-6; it certainly is a close competition. Perhaps, on reflection it might be fairer to say that the Bulldogs were great, just far too good.

Richmond for the eight. Probably as much chance as the West Coast next year I would say. The Tiges have had such a miserable year only a churl would deny their supporters the pleasure they got out of their win.

St Kilda won against Carlton, can’t ask for more than that. All the same, given that Carlton gave the Saints five goals start was still a pretty reasonable effort by them.

Finally if Collingwood win next week they are in the top four. Help!

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  1. Pamela Sherpa says

    How ironic that the weekend soccer made their big announcement there was next to no AFL coverage in many regions.

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