AFL Round 15: View From Shepparton

By Peter Schumacher

I suppose  that I should feel elated over Brisbane’s win over Geelong and I guess that I do. In fact I found watching the telecast really gripping as I waited for the inevitable Geelong fightback, but wait … it was not happening. Yet I could not get around the fact that this was a severely weakened side that we won against. On the other hand, we were reduced to 20 men and losing Jed Adcock for the match, let alone the rest of the season, was a real blow.

In any case Brisbane has sure had its fair share of injuries anyway.  Rich and Polkinghorne are real guns and it was also great to see Drummond back in the side.

Chapman played well for Geelong. I think that from their point of view they may not have much to worry about, they can’t be expected to play at their peak week in week out, and if they are going to flat-line this is the time to do it. The Lions will really find out where they are in the next few weeks, hopefully starting with a percentage booster against Freo, but nothing is certain.

Adelaide walloped Freo but again the latter was a severely weakened team. The few hundred Freo supporters still left must wonder though if it can get any worse. Dangerfield, Tippett and Otten look to be real match winners for the Crows but we will see how Adelaide in general will go next week. As Stan Alves said on ABC radio, they could be OK, they might have the players to match the Saints; Rutten on Riewoldt was an example he cited.

St Kilda had a win against the West Coast Eagles. Might have been scratchy but compare that to Geelong’s efforts. An away win is an away win, particularly for sides visiting the West. Was hoping that the home side would get up.

Much to my sorrow Collingwood just fell across the line against the Bullies. I thought that the latter showed terrific fighting spirit but it would have been an injustice had the Magpies lost.

Melbourne beat the Powerless. Beats me how Port Adelaide run so hot and cold all the time, but this game unearthed another indigenous gun player,  Liam Jurrah. How exciting these guys are to watch with their flair and skills. If an all-Aboriginal team was ever to be formed, they might be impossible to stop. As individuals within teams they just add so much to our game. For Port; well where for example was Tredders?

Hawthorn just stayed in the mix for the eight; might still be an awakening  giant if they get going. I had thought the same of Port actually but that thought  was well and truly exploded by their loss to Melbourne.

Essendon were far too good for Sydney but they also tend to run hot and cold so that it is difficult to assess where they will be a finals time. Sydney really do look like they’ve had it now.

Carlton had a good win against Richmond aided by the Fev’s nine goals in three quarters. What an enigma that player is.

In the cricket, really crook that Australia could not finish off England.

Now for the really big match next week: Adelaide v St Kilda.

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