The view from Shepparton: Round 6

By Peter Schumacher

Who is the most tragic footballer in the AFL: the Fev or Matthew Richardson?  I reckon after last week’s effort the gong would have to give it to Fev, although Richo has an imposing record. My wife and I stopped in our tracks spellbound as Fevola’s  last mark was called so well by the ABC commentator. Twenty metres out, on an angle, has kicked eight, has to kick this to win the game, about ninety seconds to go, grazes the post. We felt sick. And we aren’t even Carlton supporters.

I reckon that Geelong barrackers would be feeling ill as well with Gazza’s injury. To be an elite sportsperson of any variety at the very top of their game only to be cut down by injury may not perhaps be like being to hell and back but at the very least it could be similar to purgatory.

That’s probably the way that Adelaide feel having been beaten by the Powerless. The latter might literally be more hungry for a win given the apparent parlous state of their finances. (As a former Croweater I have to say that I am astonished that Port Adelaide are in trouble in this regard. In the SANFL they had the most fanatical support of any of the teams in that competition). If one is charitable to the Crows and designates the game as a home game for them then at least their away record is still perfect.

The  West Coast Eagles wouldn’t have been too thrilled either, having been rolled by the Dockers. Still, the good news is that it would be heaven for Freo supporters. Pavlich had something to celebrate for once. Love to see them win a few to shut up all of us observers who reckon that they are not up to AFL standard.

Collingwood were depressingly good against North Melbourne. They are in the top eight now, which only makes it worse. I heard one talkback caller claim that North Melbourne had been “soft” since the departure of Archer. Don’t know about that, but it appears that Dean Laidley has an abrasive style, which upsets some of his players. On the other hand, what coach would not be abrasive particularly when easy important shots for goals are missed thus undoing all the hard ball-gets, tackles, game savers, zones, and all of the rest of it?

St Kilda looked good again. Like what happened last year with Geelong and Hawthorn, the football devils again have conspired to annoy the hell out of aficionadoes of the game—the clash of the decade, Geelong v St Kilda, is not on until Round 14! It appears that on the strength of Sunday’s game that the Western Bulldogs are not quite  up to it.

Richmond had a real red hot go against Sydney, Mattner for NSW premier.

Finally my mob beat Essendon as expected.  YIPPEE! Straight goal-kicking from Brown and Bradshaw was a huge help.  Lloyd must feel sick every time he misses but at last he did finally get his 900th. No on would wish a 300th game to end the way it did for Fletcher. He has a been a great servant to Essendon even if in my opinion his playing style is awkward at times. Oh, and it was great to have the game telecast and broadcast live in Shepparton. What an embarrassment of riches this was. I was able to flick between the two radio and television during commercial breaks. Brisbane at times brought back some wonderful memories with their ball movement from centre bounces.

All in all, another fascinating round that puts other codes in the shade.

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