Book Launch: “The Biggest Game in Town: An analysis of the AFL’s Vilification Policy” (May 25)

You are invited to the book launch of “The Biggest Game in Town: An analysis of the AFL’s Vilification Policy”


This book is the first multidisciplinary, systematic study of the AFL’s Rule 35 – the first code of conduct introduced by an elite sporting organization in the world to deal with racial, religious and sexual vilification.

The book discusses Australian social and sport history to contextualize the importance of the research, and then presents case studies of nine complete AFL clubs. Using innovative social network analysis (SNA) and in-depth interview techniques, the book details players’ and coaches’ personal views on the efficacy of the AFL’s Vilification Laws, plus gives novel and significant insights into the broader club cultures of these nine AFL clubs with regards to Rule 35.

This book serves as a unique and incredibly detailed account of the current state of issues of vilification within the context of the AFL.

MC    John Harms
Writer & Founder, The Footy Almanac
Opening Remarks Chin Tan
Director of Multicultural Engagement, Swinburne University of Technology
Book Summary  Sean Gorman (Author)
Senior Research Fellow, Curtin University
AFL Club Cultures Dean Lusher (Author)
Senior Research Fellow, Swinburne University of Technology
Implications Brett Johnson
General Manager – Player Development, AFL Players Association
Book Launch Chin Tan
Former Chairperson and Commissioner, Victorian Multicultural Commission

Copies of the book will be on sale at the event for $25.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Sean Gorman
Dean Lusher
Keir Reeves


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  1. E.regnans says

    Well done Dean and Sean.
    See you there.

  2. Sean Gorman says

    No worries mate – glad you can come.

    Just a quick note that the previous price was wrong… The books are on sale for $30.

  3. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Great work Sean – Won’t be able to make the event due to work, but will def buy the book. Look forward to reading it. Cheers

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