Learnings from Legends with Sean Gorman

Australian football has an important place in the life of Indigenous Australians, and that it has been a significant force for good for individual Indigenous people, the broader Indigenous community, and the whole of Australia.

Dr. Sean Gorman has dedicated his career to sharing the stories of our Indigenous games greatest champions, including NT’s own stars, through his books ‘Legends’ and ‘Brotherboys’. Recently involved in the development of the AFLPA’s Indigenous Best Practice Guidelines, this work built on his role as the Chief Investigator in the review of the AFL’s Vilification laws to promote community harmony and reconciliation (2010).

Join Sean for two entertaining sessions:

Wednesday 25 September 7-9pm (tickets $20)
A light hearted evening & entertaining insight into the stories of the ‘Brotherboys’ & ‘Legends’ books, which featured some of NT’s biggest stars; Michael Long, Michael Graham, Maurice Rioli, Peter Burgoyne, Darryl White, Andrew McLeod and Michael McLean.

Thursday 26 September 7-9pm (tickets $30)
An informative and insightful evening on ‘Expectations, Experiences & Reflections of Indigenous Footballers: transitioning in & out of the AFL’. For those who want to grow their understanding of what social, cultural, historical and economic factors feed into the experiences of those players and what does it tell us about the broader societal influences regarding those expectations, experiences and reflections.

For booking details and further information, download the full flyer here: LearningsFromLegends_BOOK NOW



  1. where is it being held?

  2. In Darwin Bruz.
    Check the link to the flyer for details.
    Hope it goes well Sean – will you make it to Melbourne for Freo’s big day?

  3. Crio – mate does a bear poo on a bear toilet? Yes cob I will be there with the purple pilot light of hope….. Anxious but confident. Whats the mood like in Melbournne…?

  4. I can only speak on behalf of racegoers and fans of clubs who were doomed many months ago….
    I reckon everyone is anticipating a bloodbath. Most will be barracking for Fremantle after the smug v smug Prelim here last weekend.

  5. If you don’t mind Crio, I’ll field Sean’s question.

    The mood is a glorious blend of tingly anticipation, high excitement, acute nervousness, pretend sangfroid, as well as a ‘let’s stare the devil in the eye’ bubbliness, belying a doubt that eats into the pit of the stomach with an appetite bordering on voracious. Other than that, if I’m the litmus test for the average Melbournian with a brown and gold heart then I’d say we’re in a generally relaxed mood … and then we get to thinkin about Saturd’y all over again!

  6. “the average Melbournian with a brown and gold heart”!!
    Good on you Rick.

  7. Rick – classic I feel like I did the week I got married and when we were expecting our first – the purple pilot light – but I knew what the outcome of both those events would be – At present I dont know my arse from my elbow. If im coming or going, if im arthur or martha wainwright………

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