Almanac Life: ‘But what will I tell John?’

Andy Thurlow contemplates just how he will reply when John Harms inevitably asks him about the details of his playing career. (But he undersells himself, so the record is corrected!)

Almanac Fiction: Thunderballers

Rob Bath has dusted off a short story that was already dated when first published in the 1980s, being set some 20 years earlier. Anybody remember the extreme sport known as Pigeon Toe?

From OS to Koowee: an Aussie teacher comes home

Haje Halabi and family are back in the Australian bush. Here’s a superb story about battlers. [Absolutely magnificent Haje – JTH]

2003 – The (Almost) All Australian SSA Team: Who’s Who?

2003, young footballers, the Gold Coast, what could go wrong? The SSA All Australian Team photo, that’s what.

If you are after a shot of Joel Selwood without a cut eyebrow, Nathan Jones with hair or a beardless Bachar Houli, you’ve come to the right place.

Best junior footy players on show in Darwin

The country’s most talented young footballers were on display with the School Sport Australia Combined Australian Football Championships at TIO Stadium in Darwin last week.

And the footy is back on…

Whilst I would like to preface with stating I am not usually a whingey person, at this point that just ain’t true. Though able to recognize the trials of Libya under Gaddafi, Queensland’s struggle after the terrible floods, New Zealand’s earthquake troubles and the mass of misfortune currently going on in Japan are far more [Read more]

Apologies in Advance

In a misguided gesture of good will, last week I decided to volunteer to fill in a place on the school swim team for an upcoming inter school competition. This was promoted by the desperation on the face of the girl attempting to recruit Year 12s from our homeroom and the rude shock I received [Read more]

Link: Junior Players in Demand

The competing interests of local sports clubs and private schools is a long standing issue. Private schools have priorities which often affect the availability of players for their local teams. The recent rise of junior pathways and elite development squads in many sports has added to the confusion. This Age article examines some of the ins and outs of [Read more]