Tiger Suit Revisited

My beautiful sister Mia Harrison valiantly wearing the Tiger suit to Richmond’s 103 point loss to Carlton on Saturday afternoon at the MCG. It is important to note it is nothing short of a miracle Mia allowed me to send this in. Notoriously possessive, having steadfastly ignored the ‘Sharing is Caring’ concept emphasized in kindergarten, [Read more]

Tiger Trouble

For Christmas of 2010 my younger sister Mia, who is 13, requested a Tiger suit to wear to footy games. She specified it was to be an American mascot type costume, not a skimpy Halloween tiger-striped miniskirt with midriff-baring top and tail ensemble so popular among teenage girls. This was a little surprising as Mia’s [Read more]

And the footy is back on…

Whilst I would like to preface with stating I am not usually a whingey person, at this point that just ain’t true. Though able to recognize the trials of Libya under Gaddafi, Queensland’s struggle after the terrible floods, New Zealand’s earthquake troubles and the mass of misfortune currently going on in Japan are far more [Read more]

Apologies in Advance

In a misguided gesture of good will, last week I decided to volunteer to fill in a place on the school swim team for an upcoming inter school competition. This was promoted by the desperation on the face of the girl attempting to recruit Year 12s from our homeroom and the rude shock I received [Read more]

An elderly perspective

by Julia Harrison Aside from easing doubts about my own sometimes-questionable mental state, a visit to my mother’s parents, my Oma and Opa, always provides an amusing anecdote. Actually, to be completely fair, half the time it’s an amusing anecdote and the other half it’s the sort of racist and/or sexist and/or mind boggling un-PC [Read more]

Scarfin it up

In the recovery institution I am currently residing in, fashion is not a priority. From the adolescents to the aged, clients walk around in hospital issue dressing gowns, pajama quality t-shirts (Australian Open ’03, Smashing Pumpkins tour 2008) and the ubiquitous black leggings. Admittedly, I am among those who have worn leggings for 48 hour [Read more]

Surviving as a modern-day Richmond supporter: a user’s guide

by Julia Harrison “If there’s a God he’s laughing at us and our football teams” As a 16 year old fan of Richmond, this Ben Folds lyric rings uncomfortably true. In the 10 years I have been aware of my family-bound allegiance to the club, the 8 I have attended matches and the 5 I [Read more]