And the footy is back on…

Whilst I would like to preface with stating I am not usually a whingey person, at this point that just ain’t true. Though able to recognize the trials of Libya under Gaddafi, Queensland’s struggle after the terrible floods, New Zealand’s earthquake troubles and the mass of misfortune currently going on in Japan are far more important than my petty teenage squabbles, the fact remains Year 12 has turned me in a complainer.

This week had potential to be great. Sure, I had a couple of SACs and an unusual amount of physical exercise, and I was feeling discomforted by my 11 year old sister’s enthusiastic singing of Rihanna’s ‘S&M’ during all car trips, but I was enjoying my subjects, had just purchased two discounted slabs of Diet Coke and the weekend was ever looming. Also, the footy was back on.

I am not a summer person. The beach, in my opinion, is overrated and I would much rather sit at home in my bath tub, thus avoiding sand which has the peculiar quality of sticking to feet as if glued with adhesive when at the beach, but the moment I step on the car floor or a freshly laundered carpet it all falls off. Weeks later I am still tipping sand out of shoes and finding its granules in the bottom of my handbag. Winter is my preferred season – coffee tastes better, I can wear jeans and boots and turn my electric blanket up to the highest setting, and the footy season is up and running. I had missed Deledio, missed The Footy Show, an overcrowded MCG on a Friday night, overpriced beverages, the sirens and records, train commutes back and forth from stadiums and the joyous aftermath when the Tiges’ kick a goal. And this Thursday, AFL was back. Because of busy schedules, plans to attend the Carlton V Richmond match went astray, but Thursday night promised to be a family viewing of the first match of the season.

Monday morning, I ventured to participate in my second swim carnival at the school I have attended since Year 9. It took me an hour and a half to catch public transport to the venue, and for once this was not due to my poor navigational skills. A milk bar owner informed me he could not point me in the direction of the 2km walk to Northcote Recreational Centre unless I purchased some goods. When I told him I had no money he replied ‘Bad luck.’ Google Maps had supplied useless directions, so it took me another 45 minutes and a kindly lollipop lady to reach the swim carnival.

Upon arrival I changed from my P.E gear into red Speedos, red thongs and a red bandana in a futile attempt to get myself into a ‘school spirit’ mentality. The rest of the other – after competing in my forte, the novelty event – I spent napping on the lap of my best friend and half heartedly trying to figure out if I could sneak out without being noticed. The next day offered another opportunity for water activities in the form of the GSV swimming meet. It had taken a multitude of emails to organize a time to catch up with my Philosophy teacher to discuss the upcoming SAC, and we’d finally settled on 7:45 Tuesday morning. The night before I realized the GSV bus left at 7:30am.

In an outcome surprising to no one, except maybe the coach who may have been under the false impression a volunteer would have a level of skill in swimming (the gall of some people!), I came last and last in both 50m Breaststroke and Freestyle. Subsequent to my first race one of the supervisors took me aside and I got a telling off for wearing bikini bottoms under my school bathers. Returning to the stands, I asked another girl what the deal with that was. She responded that if I broke any state or world records it would have to be discounted due to the possibility extra swimmers had added speeded. Considering I had come last by at least 30 seconds, I found the request a little unreasonable.

Wednesday was the day before Richmond’s first round match. Walking up from the cafeteria after assembly I tripped over a step and smacked my knee on a grate. “I’m fine, I’m really fine.” I told concerned looking bystanders. An hour later I stood up too quickly at the end of class and promptly fainted, landing in a heap an inch from the classroom’s brick wall.

Thursday I had two SACs and a practice SAC. Unable to find time to see my Philosophy teacher, I resolved to write ‘What do you think, Mr. W?’ and ‘There are numerous philosophical interpretations’ as responses to every question in the Period 3 SAC. Fortunately, I knew enough to get through the paper without outwardly sobbing. Lit was passable, and Australian History open book and a practice so my mind was allowed to wander. Would this year bring the winds of change for Richmond?

However, ‘twas not to be. For the third year in succession, the home and away season has begun with Carlton defeating Richmond on a Thursday night at the MCG. Highlights included Jack Riewoldt’s 6 goal run and the concussing of Jarrad Waite (too mean?) Friday I fell sick, likely caused by Richmond’s near victory, and missed school. Went out to see a film last night to celebrate the end of a taxing week and lost my mobile, sat in unwanted proximity to Geelong fans on the train home (it’s called deodorant) and woke up with 8 mysterious bruises on my legs.

Bitter? Me? Oh, no…


  1. John Butler says

    Ah Julz, year 12, supporting Richmond, it’s likely to be a fraught combination.

    There’s always next week.

  2. Very nice article Julia, sounds like a hectic week! Hope the next seven days, and Round 2, are better for you.

  3. Naw poor Julz, baddd week. -_-
    RE- Winterlover, beachhater- IM WITH YA SISTER :)
    Also about the coffee, im currently sussing out all the coffee places at uni, tyring to find the best one, i cant survive 4 hour lectures
    with out help.
    I see you have taken Australian history, :( im only upset that your missin out the Revolutions!!!
    i didnt even sell my textbooks, that how much i loved that subject.
    ps- Deledio is lookin F.I.N.E these days :P

  4. Thanks guys!

    You’ll be pleased to hear Dani I did Revs last year and loved it. My teacher was a babe, the subject matter fascinating and now I walk wistfully passed this year’s class in my frees :’)

    What revolutions did you cover?
    Because of issues with setting up a common room Year 12s get free coffees from the caf. My morning skinny latte is the highlight of my day.

    Good luck on finding the perfect brew!

  5. 4- :) French and Russian Revs :D
    lol ive seen ONE Goodlooking prof…unless hes a student too…who
    one of my lecturers is the cuddley type lol!
    thanks ive already ruled out two places, not going bak there for coffee EVER! lol

  6. Yeah we did Russian and Chinese. Just have to clarify he was NOT a babe in terms of Delidio etc, old enough to my father but very kindly and helpful haha. Actually he was a Tiges fan so at the end of year as I thank you present I gave him Richo’s biography :)

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