Almanac Netball: ‘Netball attack players are a protected species.’

‘Netball is a non-contact sport’; ‘Attackers are a protected species’; ‘The winner will be the team with more goals than the other!’ – so says the wisdom of once-was-a-defender Marlene Thurlow. Along with Andy, she went to see their great-niece play for the Vixens against the Thunderbirds.

Not Just Sport: On McLeod Nine

Some may associate the name McLeod with Andrew McLeod of the Adelaide Crows, and some may be familiar with the name by watching Australia’s TV series – McLeod’s Daughters. Andy Thurlow however, gives us an insight to another McLeod, Heidi, who is making lots of noise through her excellent novel writing, publishing the stories her grandfather had left through letters and diaries during his time in Germany throughout WW1. Find out to learn more of what Andy has shared in his article!

Almanac Football Obituary: Vale Russell Ebert

Russell Ebert made an immediate impact on Andy Thurlow one Saturday afternoon in July 1970. Fifty-one years later, on the death of Ebert, Andy reflects on how his admiration for Ebert grew and grew over the years.

Almanac Footy: Confessions of a Turncoat

As a ‘ten pound Pom’ to Victoria it wasn’t long before Andy Thurlow found himself supporting the Demons but it was not last…as he explains with his different allegiance.

Almanac Sporting Names: Beer, Onions and Flowers…something’s Amiss…

Sport has always attracted those who are fascinated with names and numbers. Andy Thurlow considers players with names that don’t seem to fit.

Almanac Life: ‘But what will I tell John?’

Andy Thurlow contemplates just how he will reply when John Harms inevitably asks him about the details of his playing career. (But he undersells himself, so the record is corrected!)