Almanac Teams: AFL Players on Reality TV Shows

And now for something completely different…Rodney Boyd has turned his team-creation talents towards those who have had their 15 minutes of fame on ‘Reality TV’.

Round 2 – Essendon v Brisbane: Quietly confident

Pards retains his confidence in the Bombers and expects them to win their Round 2 match against the Lions by 8 points .

Almanac Footy: Fair Catch That!

Richard Griffiths tells the story of getting Shaun Smith to the Dees. He recently caught up with Shaun to talk about the Mark of the Century and life since footy. [Cracker. The re-enactment photo is a deadset classic – JTH]

A Team of Champions without a Premiership

Phil Dimitriadis has come up with another clever composite team, this time it’s his team of premiership-less players. Who can you add to this?