Almanac Teams: Arrivals and Departures (Brisbane)

Second cab off the rank for Rodney Boyd’s footy-related teams in 2024 is Brisbane. What do you think of his sides based on players who arrived at or departed from the Bears/Lions over the past decades?

Voss – Part 2: The pantheon awaits

The impression Michael Voss made on Shane Reid in 1997 went a long way toward bridging the old Fitzroy with the new Lions in Shane’s heart…he supposes if anyone can become another Matthews or Barassi, why not Voss?

Almanac Footy: Fair Catch That!

Richard Griffiths tells the story of getting Shaun Smith to the Dees. He recently caught up with Shaun to talk about the Mark of the Century and life since footy. [Cracker. The re-enactment photo is a deadset classic – JTH]

The Merger Coda: The Birth of the Brisbane Lions

William Westerman concludes his account of the Fitzroy Lions/Brisbane Bears merger by placing it into its historical context and finds that, although it was ‘a tragedy, it was also the birth of something unique and special.’

The Merger Trilogy: The Room Where It Happened

The ultimate fate of Fitzroy in the AFL was decided by a group of middle-aged men in suits at Punt Road Oval, as William Westerman recounts in this conclusion to his trilogy marking 25 years since the first (and hopefully only) merger in VFL/AFL history was confirmed.

The Merger Trilogy: On the Frontier

William Westerman continues to chart the story that saw the Fitzroy Football Club merge with the then Brisbane Bears to become the Brisbane Lions.

The Muse: Thoughts of an AFL restructure on a perfect winter’s day

The Muse can see the (necessary) future of the AFL competition: two conferences. This is what happens when the virus agrees that Melbourne is the world’s most livable city. [More creative thinking from Hayden Kelly – Ed]

A Phoenix from the Ashes: A Review of The Merge

William Westerman previews “The Merge”, a film detailing the the story and history behind the merger of the Fitzroy FC and the Brisbane Bears in 1996.

The Pies’ most memorable wins over Brisbane (and Fitzroy) in the past 50 years

Steve Fahey looks at his most memorable Collingwood wins against Brisbane/Fitzroy. Will this weekend’s game be another classic?

Almanac Summer – Footy History: A Bear is Born

The Brisbane Bears were constructed in the mid-1980s. Their first season was 1987.

Those Carrara days were classic.

Sit back and enjoy the memories.

2016: A year of high and low anniversaries for Fitzroy Football Club supporters

Philip Mendes reflects on the significance of this year’s anniversaries for Fitzroy Football Club – the good and the not so

A Certain Infidelity: Bearing All (sic – as you will see)

Federal Member for Gellibrand Tim Watts is confessing an undeniable infidelity – no, not the one that politicians usually confess to. A worse one: his sworn vows to the Brisbane Bears are being pulled apart by the fighting passion of the Doggies.

In Defeat We’ll Always Try

Inspired by Harry

AFL Round 8 – Essendon v Brisbane: A footy love triangle

The circus surrounding Brisbane’s inception swayed Cliff Bingham to follow Essendon instead of the Bears. Meetings between the two have been awkward since and he can’t help thinking, What If?