Almanac Teams: Arrivals and Departures (Fitzroy)

Rodney continues his series featuring teams made up of arrivals and departures from each club. This week it’s Fitzroy’s turn.

Almanac Footy: The Kings of the Wings

Melbourne’s Ed Langdon and Andrew Bradshaw have demonstrated how exciting the wing position can be in footy. For Ian Wilson it also reminded him of some of the greats from the past.

Almanac Teams: Three’s a charm (1980-)

In his last team for 2020, Rodney Boyd turns his attention to some of the more ‘out-there’ selections in the Number 3 jumper since 1980.

1995: Bernie’s Boys make Cocky Crows eat humble pie

It will be 25 years this coming Wednesday since the Roys’ produced their last truly great performance in the VFL/AFL – Fitzroy Pete has shared with us his piece on that famous victory, featured as part of his book ‘Fitzroy’s Fabulous Century’.

Almanac Teams: A team of Dougs

Phil Dimitriadis produces another team of flashbacks that includes some genuine stars called Doug to celebrate Sir Doug Nicholls round.

The Odd Friday Lunch – Doug Hawkins (Dec 15)

Doug Hawkins is guest at the Odd Friday Lunch on Dec 15 at the North Fitzroy Arms .Get in quickly.

A Team of Champions without a Premiership

Phil Dimitriadis has come up with another clever composite team, this time it’s his team of premiership-less players. Who can you add to this?

How the Bulldogs went from a club of individuals to a team of Champions.

Dr Cruel puts his spin on how the Bulldogs became a Premiership club.

The Rise of Spo-Co

Nick McGay runs us through the good, okay and crap of spo-co (sports comedy) shows. What category does he put The Footy Show in? Roy & HG? The Games? Add your thoughts.

The lack of greats to wear the #7

Dennis Gedling and his mate discussed on Saturday night about the number 7 jumper and the lack of stars to wear that particular number.

Seven One Four

Mick breaks Jock’s record. Can we just recognise the achievement and stop obsessing with who was better at their craft asks “Stone Cold” Steve Baker.

The Patriarch of Footscray

I love Friday’s at the moment. I know, everyone loves Friday, but for me they’ve just become Daddy and Richie days, with mum starting a new job. Last week we went to have a look at Williamstown’s refurbished Point Gellibrand Oval, the day before it was reintroduced to football. I love the Willy footy ground. [Read more]