Almanac Life: Football and a dog helped

Allan Barden’s friend is one of the ‘lucky ones’. A dog, a footy club and parents helped when all seemed lost to dependence. [Contains content that may be mildly confronting to some – Ed]

The Cygnet, the Cat and the Goldfish

The Cygnet training with Yuki. Yuki is a Geelong supporter, think about it   Footy and My Pets by The Cygnet Year 2, age 7 ½ For Christmas last year, I got a kitten. She is dark grey all over with tiny white socks on her paws, a white belly and chest and chin. I [Read more]


  Our family pet dog, Spot, should’ve been the Western Bulldogs mascot.  He wasn’t a bulldog – he was a Jack Russel/Foxy cross – but he thought he was a giant.  He walked with a strut, which with old age became a slow, confident swagger.  He was barrel-chested and mischievous and had more friends in [Read more]