‘Brad Murray…reflecting on the highs and lows of football…’ by KB Hill

KB Hill talks with Brad Murray, a Myrtleford icon, about Brad’s wide-ranging experiences in footy.

‘Saints versus Hawks: re-visiting a classic…’ by KB Hill

In the lead-up to last weekend’s Myrtleford v Rovers finals clash, KB Hill revisits a classic finals encounter between the two clubs back in 1984.

Ovens and Murray Football Netball League Round 7 – Myrtleford v Wodonga: Honest

It’s a late autumn Saturday as David Wilson makes for Myrtleford, for some Ovens and Murray League footy. It’s a good day in a good world.

Almanac Roadtrips: Two great clubs in two great days

The splendour of country Victoria is often worth a visit; the towns of Bright and Myrtleford are no exception. For Haje Halabi they’re more than worthwhile – it’s a return to the roots, a place of friends, food and the footy clubs that shaped him.

‘Andrew Dale……A Fortunate Life……’ by KB Hill

Andrew Dale had a long association with footy before getting into the horse racing industry. KB Hill looks back over a successful life immersed in sport.

‘The man behind the story of the Saints’ 1970 glory……’ by KB Hill

KB Hill loves promoting anything positive about country sport, especially in Victoria’s north-east. Today he puts in a good word for David Johnston’s recently released book, ‘1970 – the Year of the Saints’.

“Flag Flames Again Flicker At The ‘Showies’……… ” by KB Hill

Grand Final week has KB Hill casting his mind back over some of the classic encounters in the annals of Ovens & Murray League Grand Finals.

‘Chewing The Fat With Chizza’ – by KB Hill

KB Hill recently spent time with former North Melbourne Kangaroos premiership player, Peter Chisnall, a true legend in the Ovens and Murray League zone. ‘Chizza’s’ story makes for great reading.

‘When Murmungee made the news…..” By KB Hill

Another KB Hill classic. This time, he recounts the football odyssey of Ovens and Murray League legend Ron Critchley.