Almanac Music: Not Quite Bob – In our own backyard: Blokes

Trevor Blainey looks at some homegrown blokes in the ‘Not Quite Bob’ mould in his continuing series.

Almanac Music: Three Blackbirds and Pigeon

Thirty years on from Mabo, Peter Crossing revisits Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists who have covered lesser known but important events in Australian History.

Ovens and Murray Football Netball League Round 7 – Myrtleford v Wodonga: Honest

It’s a late autumn Saturday as David Wilson makes for Myrtleford, for some Ovens and Murray League footy. It’s a good day in a good world.

Almanac Music – Aussie album review: Tex, Don and Charlie – ‘Sad But True’

In the tenth of his occasional series looking back at classic Australian albums, Smokie revisits “Sad But True” – the debut collaboration of Tex, Don and Charlie.

Almanac Music – Friday’s for funerals, Saturday’s for brides: Tex, Don and Charlie

Mickey Randall started his ironic tea towel collection before immersing himself in Tex, Don and Charlie’s sonic landscapes.

Almanac Music – Tex, Don & Charlie at the Thornbury Theatre: Here’s as good as anywhere

With all signs pointing towards a dystopian future (or should that be present?), David Wilson caught the magnificent stories and songs of Tex, Don and Charlie.

Almanac Music: Stereo Stories – early Breakfast at Sweethearts

Crankypete soothes his soul and insomniac relief with the Chisels Breakfast at Sweethearts remembering a certain time and a certain place.