Almanac Roadtrips: Two great clubs in two great days

The splendour of country Victoria is often worth a visit; the towns of Bright and Myrtleford are no exception. For Haje Halabi they’re more than worthwhile – it’s a return to the roots, a place of friends, food and the footy clubs that shaped him.

The Lake Lap

‘Tis the season for getting on the sun-drenched bitumen! Mickey Randall relays a quirky family tradition amid the memories of driving around Lake Bonney.

Almanac Life: Longing for the open road

Born to travel, Nicole Kelly hit the bitumen alone and unbridled in the waning weeks of 2020. Beechworth in the heart of Kelly Country was her destination, but this story is mainly about the journey and trips that came before.

Off Season Odyssey – Part 14: Kicking Over Wheat Silos

Remember when we could all travel around?

One of the great troubadours of footy life, Matt Zurbo embarked on an epic tour some years ago. Here’s just one of the many highlights – from wheatbelt country close to the meeting point of three states and a lot of sunshine.

Season 38

Saddling up for footy season 38, Old Dog has road trips on the mind, along with a few other matters.

Almanac Roadtrips – To Uluru: Part 1. “It’s working!”

In the summer just gone, David Wilson and family drove a motorhome from Melbourne to Uluru. It was a journey that revived many memories, and developed many meanings. This is Part 1 (Day 1), the drive to Bordertown.

Footy Grief, Hope and Perspective

Just as Jan felt that her Swans grieving period was drawing to a close – known to last until the cricket season – a simple road trip set her back as she explains.

Almanac Motor Racing – Bathurst (Part 3): The road trip Saturday

Matt Watson has made it through to Saturday, even if his mate’s jocks are a bit worse for wear.

Almanac Flashback – Bathurst 2017 (Part 1): The road trip Thursday

Footy Almanac reprises Matt Watson’s first piece in a series of articles which chronicle his 2017 Bathurst 1000 adventure. First things first: a road trip to get there.

A thousand miles from home

  by Glenn Brownstein I spent my New Year’s Eve in Houston, Texas. A thousand miles and a thousand dollars from home. To see a college football game ignored by most folks. Doesn’t make sense. Or does it? What drives us to travel across a country or halfway around a globe to follow our favorite [Read more]

Quietly, a line in the sand.

  Quietly, A Line in the Sand.   I went to Southport in Tasmania the southern-most town in the land, looking for the southern-most footy oval in the country, or, I dunno, unless they play Aussie Rules that far south in New Zealand, maybe the world. But when I left I saw the dirt road [Read more]

Regrets and Odysseys

  Gianpi and Sergio were two of my best mates. When they were about 20 they hopped in a car and headed north because it was facing north. Just drove and drove. By the time they reached the Northern Territory they had $20 dollars between them. The caravan park operator saw their Victorian license-plates. “Can [Read more]

Desert Ovals

People go two ways over Easter. They lift the city off its foundations and dump it on the coast, or go to the footy. Especially footballers with the Easter bye. You can spot them in an Anzac Day crowd by the way they barrack. The AFL suporter will call: “Kick it, kick it, kick it!” [Read more]