Round 1 – Haiku Bob: sliver of light

Haiku Bob is back for the footy season! His first offering reflects upon that sliver of light of hope as defeat bears down on his team.

Round 5 – Haiku Bob: the gauntlet

Haiku Bob reviews the Collingwood v St Kilda Gather Round match in verse though the Saints comeback did give him some nervous moments.

Round 21 – Haiku Bob: winter comforts

Haiku Bob’s down to his last blood pressure bill as he reflects Collingwood’s latest win on a wet and rainy night.

Round 19 – Haiku Bob: through the ages

Haiku Bob relives Collingwood’s last kick win with his inimitable verse.

Round 5 – Haiku Bob: the little good

Haiku Bob reflects on Collingwood’s loss while cooking, and with a good whisky.

Almanac Haiku: ‘The Ump’ – Bill Wootton

We need them. Bill Wootton’s haiku offers insight into umpiring.

Round 2 – Haiku Bob: armchair ride

Haiku Bob reflects on some special moments from Round 2.

Almanac Poetry: 2021 AFL Grand Final Haiku Kukai – Leaning towards the Landlords

Haiku Bob presents some of the many amazing haikus received during the 2021 AFL Grand Final Haiku Kukai.

The 2021 AFL Grand Final Haiku Kukai

It’s back! The annual Grand Final haiku kukai will be an integral part of Saturday’s proceedings. Haiku Bob sets the scene.

Round 18 – Haiku Bob: slammed shut

Haiku Bob found similarities between the current Covid situation and the performance of Collingwood in Round 18.

Round 11 – Haiku Bob: the dithering

It’s tough being a Collingwood supporter at the moment as Haiku Bob reflects in his latest haiku poem.

Round 9 – Haiku Bob: like my life

Season 2021 is not a happy time for Collingwood supporters, especially with ‘the coach on everyone’s lips’, as the latest from Haiku Bob suggests.

Round 2 – Haiku Bob – life is simple

Watching the Magpies’ win over Carlton, Haiku Bob had a moment of clarity about a simple rule for a happy life (for Magpie fans).

Round 1 – Haiku Bob: laid bare

Haiku Bob offers his reflections on returning to the MCG

Finals Week 2 – Haiku Bob – a bit of life ends

Haiku Bob reflects on the end of Collingwood’s season.

Haiku Bob: The 2020 AFL Grand Final Haiku Kukai

Haiku Bob is back to remind everyone of the upcoming Grand Final Haiku Kukai – get involved!

Round 18 – Haiku Bob: the other side of the clouds

Haiku Bob turns his gaze to the last game before finals

Round 14 – Haiku Bob: golden afternoon

Haiku Bob reflects on a golden afternoon of birds and blues.

Round 7 – Haiku Bob: miles apart

Brown to Daicos! One of Haiku Bob’s observations as he sips his way through the Collingwood-Geelong game.

Round 6 – Haiku Bob: no tomorrow

Haiku Bob and his dog – friends in an ISO world – tuned in to see his ‘Pies take on the Hawks.