Round 1 – Brisbane v Collingwood: A game of two sides

I am sitting here, at my desk, at 4:00pm on Easter Sunday. The first game of Collingwood’s season was played last night, against Brisbane. Many people didn’t give us a chance, as I was reminded by my friends during the week. Brisbane were the favourites, but I was optimistic. We have recruited well, bringing Varcoe, Greenwood (who wasn’t available), and Crisp to the club. The only downside to that was losing Heriter Lumumba, and Dayne Beams.

The latter was in the Brisbane strip, playing his first game for the Lions, coincidentally, against us. He ended up with 33 touches, but with only 7 kicks, didn’t influence the game too much.

I turned on the T.V, at 7:00, and found the last quarter of Sydney vs Essendon, with thirteen minutes left! There was no way that it would be finished in time for the start of the Pies-Lions game. I flicked over to channel seven, and luckily, they had the teams running out, the coin toss, etc. Click. Essendon-Sydney, still 3 minutes to go. Click. Collingwood-Brisbane, ball bounced.

The Lions started brightly, with a quick goal to McStay, jumping over Brown in the square. They controlled the play for ten minutes or so, but then we started to pull them back. With two goals in succession to Sidey and JB, we hit the lead. Then when Jesse kicked another, we went into quarter time with a one goal lead.

We dominated the next quarter and a half, kicking nine goals to one. With five or six minutes to go in the third quarter, we were up by fifty-three points, and comfortable lead. Then a commentator mentioned the Lions 52 point comeback against Geelong, in 2013. I got nervous, especially when they kicked the last four of the quarter, even though, at three quarter time, we were 35 points up.

With Rich kicking a goal in thirty seconds, my living room became more like a death room, with the whole family super silent. Rich was everywhere, good for my supercoach team, but horrible for my real team. As the Lions kicked another three, we get severely nervous, epitomized by Rich, getting the handball from outside fifty, taking two steps, and putting it through. It is only then that I remembered that the Lions are missing Hanley for the first half of the year. I dread to think what might have happened if he was playing.

Somehow, we held on. Swanny getting nine touches in the last, Jesse and Travis V’s effort along the wing, Langdon and Toovey resolute across half back, and Sidey playing with a broken thumb. We only kicked three points for the quarter, but we made it. Our season is underway, and we can only hope to get a few more senior players (Witts, Dwyer, Reid, Greenwood, Seedsman) back in the next few weeks.

Of the newer players, Varcoe was good, with a goal, and a few good things. Same with Crisp, playing against his old side, and in the tiny bit De Goey played, he went well.

Collingwood: 3.3  7.6  12.11  12.14 (86)
Brisbane:        2.3  3.5  7.6      11.8 (74)

Collingwood: Cloke 2, Sidebottom 2, Blair 2, White 2, Fasolo, Varcoe, Crisp, Elliott
Brisbane: Green 2, Christensen 2, Rich 2, McStay, Leuenberger, Zorko, Taylor, Adcock

Collingwood: Sidebottom, Toovey, Langdon, Blair, Adams, Grundy
Brisbane: Rich, Zorko, D.Beams, Taylor




Crowd: 31,240.


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