The Retirements Appeals Tribunal (RAT’s applicants required)

da McDonnell on the perils of the sporting comeback. The Retirements Appeals Tribunal is after new members. Applications taken here.

Round 6 – Western Bulldogs v St Kilda: The Anti-miracle

A second half implosion against the Saints is merely a minor setback in the young Bulldogs’ rejuvenation… or so Marty Gleason hopes.

Comeback shelved

  by Craig Dodson A lazy Sunday afternoon sitting on the couch next to my 38 week pregnant wife Sophie and I’m looking for a distraction to take our mind off the waiting game of juniors impending arrival. Lets go for a kick I suggest, a tough challenge for a pregnant lady who is currently [Read more]

Mark Coughlan: Game 84, Number 24.

by Chris Riches Sixteen possessions, five marks, five tackles. Not a bad night’s work for someone playing their first game for the season, and for a 27-year-old returning from a series of debilitating injuries it is a more than encouraging display. Yet Mark Coughlan looks uncomfortable.Richmond players and officials leaving Etihad Stadium after the side’s [Read more]