The Parade College Writing Workshop: Things that are important to our family

Lachie Murray continues our series from The Parade College Writing Workshop. He shares his experiences of how cricket is important to his family.

Sport as Entertainment – 5: Case Studies

Stainless has argued the trend of major sport is becoming predominantly a form of mass entertainment, and in this article he takes cricket and soccer – and analyses how each has changed in Australia in line with these trends.

Almanac Cricket: Jake Reed – “Training with a purpose”

Jake Reed’s cricketing journey is one of dedication and perseverance – Gil Roseby takes us into what makes Jake tick

Almanac Cricket: Hobart Hurricanes – a BBL07 review

It was close but no cigar for the Hobart Hurricanes in BBL07. Thommo3 gives his review of the Hurricanes’ season from his bottom of the ladder predictions to being final contenders.

The Ten Commandments of BBL cricket

Dave Brown leads the BBL05 tabernacle choir as he summarises the season in 10 lessons

Almanac Cricket: BBL Melbourne Renegades v Melbourne Stars (what a wicket)

It’s a Happy New Year from Yoshi, who writes of a happy new sports experience.

Overpaid, oversexed and over here

Diggers fought the Battle of Brisbane in WW2 to defend Australian women from “overpaid, oversexed and over here” GI’s. Peter Baulderstone reckons it’s time to get down to Etihad and continue the tradition.

Four reasons why South Australians and Tasmanians (and probably Western Australians) were annoyed by the MCG BBL crowd

To great fanfare, Victorian media declared the Stars v Renegades crowd of 80,000 the incontrovertible victory of Big Bash League in the Australian community. Dave Brown on why Sandgropers, Croweater and Taswegians were less than impressed.

NYE in Adelaide Oval’s Bay 127

Mickey Randall and family are back in Adelaide this New Year’s Eve; home of the curiously named Adelaide Strikers. [Rich harvest of observations and memories – Ed].

Almanac Cricket: The BBL and Test Cricket

The voice of youth as Paddy Grindlay reflects upon the lessons to be drawn from the summer of cricket thus far and argues for more day/night tests please, Cricket Australia

A Night At the Big Bash

Luke Reynolds took his kids to the MCG to see their first 20-20 game together. The fireworks shone brighter than the Stars.

Big Bash : Stars demolish Strikers

Brilliant photos from Peter Argent and bowling from the Melbourne Stars. The Adelaide Strikers were inept. Phil Hughes has “technical issues” (who knew?) And Rulebook’s love child Callum Ferguson can’t even get a game.

Cricket: What is our priority?

The T20 tail is wagging the cricketing dog, but what shape is the 20-over format in, asks Luke Reynolds.

The Big Bash became viable last night

The Big Bash won Ridgey over last night. A former skeptic, he’s now a Stars fan for life.