Almanac Cricket: BBL Melbourne Renegades v Melbourne Stars (what a wicket)

Very belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Almanackers!! I hope you had great times. Thank you for everything in 2015 and I wish you all the best for 2016!!

It was a day off on Saturday but I did not feel like having a day off because other people at work pushed me hard and asked (told) to do something. I wish I could enjoy watching sports at a footy bar in Osaka.

Even though tough circumstances were around me, I have got a nice scarf from my Italian lady friend. I had already got St Kilda scarves and her gift is a different one from the Saints ones. It is an Italian football club’s one. The new one keeps warm well. But St Kilda ones are good too.

Then Yvette rang me through a free phone App. We had nice chats and she suggested me to write articles on the Almanac. I also enjoy writing travel blogs that I have recently launched. It is called Kyo Sensational Blog, by the way!

Thinking what to write for the Almanac, no idea had come up as I had no opportunity to watch any sport, until I saw a Facebook post.

It has been made by my FB friend who goes for the mighty Saints. But the subject was the Big Bash League.

With curiosity, I watched a video posted on the post. Stars bowler Adam Zampa was hit by the ball and fell down on the ground. It looked no good.

As I was so tired, I went to bed after had handled with the late check in. Once again it was not like the day off for me!!!

Waking up following morning, I watched the video again and then the match highlights video posted on the league website.

As for the knock out, Renegade bats man Dwayne Bravo hit the ball with the bat and then Peter Nevill tried to make room for the ball to roll over, but the ball hit Nevill’s bat. And then it hit Zampa’s nose and he fell down on the field.

Ouch!! It was so painful and Nevill came over to Zampa with apology. Later a club doctor went to the ground to treat Nevill. It was a painful wicket. Social media attracts audience by “Extraordinary Wicket you will never see”.

Indeed I do not think I had ever seen such a wicket in any cricket match.

On Boxing Day, I really needed to have fun because of an incident at work the day before. Watching the Test cricket, it was very one sided and then they did live BBL broadcast played in Perth. Friendly barmen told me the BBL was a short version of 20/20 cricket. It was good to see different types of cricket,

So I understand that early wickets are needed. But on the highlight video, Bravo hit the ball hard to the left and right. He scored 4- and 6- runs.

Then while Stars were batting, commentators said “hit hard” and “bang!” many times (I assume Andy Maher was one of Ten commentators).

Kevin Pietersen hit the balls hard with huge swings. Then he ran into the wicket tee before an infielder was able to touch KP ending the game with the win by eight wickets.

Bangs and hitting hard are powerful actions attracting audiences to the Big Bash League, I think.

Saturday’s game reminds us how important it is that sports are played rather than too much off field news. Controversial Chris Gayle’s interview taught us how to respect women in sports and to keep being professional. But we need to enjoy watching sports. I am writing this article because I want to report how the cricket match was played and wanted to see attractiveness of game itself.

Enjoy the sports guys!!

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