The Parade College Writing Workshop: Things that are important to our family

By Lachie Murray


Cricket is very significant to my family and friends as it’s a sport that brings everyone closer and we see each other more frequently during the summer. At Christmas time, all the kids and uncles played cricket on my driveway and all the women sat on the deck, watching on while sipping their drinks and laughing with one another. My Grandpa patted my dog and looked at everyone, smiling.


When we went to Bright during the summertime, the kids played cricket on the caravan park gravel roads with the other kids at the park from late afternoon to when our parents called us to come over for dinner. Once dinner was completed and all the plates were washed, we all went to the main community hall and watched any BBL game that was on at the time. If a game was on, we all watched intently to see the outcome of the match, taking up most of the space. If there wasn’t a match, we resumed playing cricket on the gravel with the parents watching on, drinking and laughing among themselves.


My father loves cricket. He always goes to at least one Test match every year, whether it be Boxing Day, day 3 or day 4 of the Test match. In the BBL (Big Bash League), he is a Melbourne Renegades supporter, but since he is a MCC member and I support Melbourne Stars, he mostly goes to the Stars home games with me.  I am the only Stars supporter as everyone else in the household is a Renegades supporter.  Despite this, my Dad and I try to make it to every Stars home game except when I’m away in Bright. I’ve been supporting the Stars since BBL started in 2011 when I did Milo Cricket. Getting Stars merchandise at the end of the 2012 season was what got my love for the BBL and cricket going.


It wasn’t until the 2016-2017 season that it really clicked for me. I begged my Dad to take me to games with other our friends and the result was that I never missed a home game that season. A particular memory is a Stars v Scorchers match when the Stars were down by four runs with one ball left. Stars hit a six off the last ball! We were rowdy when this happened, all of us jumping up and down, as this meant that they were in the Grand Final. Another moment was when a seagull was hit but it survived and left. This was a moment as another mascot was made for the Stars, the seagull.


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  1. Vanessa Fox says

    Lachie, you were definitely able to convey just what cricket means to you and your family – hours and hours and hours being played with both family members and friends sitting back and enjoying the spectacle.Well done!

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