Overpaid, oversexed and over here

Look Australia, we know everyone has the democratic right to use their millions to intimidate people defend their reputation in the courts.  Our silks need the cash injection after they decided to bring in overseas counsel for the WADA hearings.  Sir Frank Downright is almost down to his last yacht, and he even asked Mr Wrap to pay for his own claret at Christmas lunch.

So the legal process will work itself out, but seriously, how long since you’ve exercised the tonsils and given someone a good old spray.  Downright, Lye and Sue or boo?  You know which is the Australian way.

Personally it’s been a couple of years since Lord Jim and the Bombers were over here in the West.  Good for the soul to “let it all out” with a solid chorus of booing.  Whatever “it” is.  I know I felt better even though we got beaten by that crafty Bomber Thompson, back when the Dons had a real coach.  (Speaking of which I hope they got a set of steak knives for taking Mr Predictable off our hands.)

Anyway back at the test, I know a few of you unloaded on poor old Goodesy last year. Look I kept quiet myself, but I’m sure you had your reasons.  Ancient tribal traditions.  Handed down from father to son.

Still why should the Ratbag Right have all the fun? Surely it’s time for those Loopy Lefties among us to loosen our tonsils.

And what a target we have in sight. Remember the Battle of Brisbane in WW2 when the Diggers – our grandfathers (ok great grandfathers for most of you) – took a few pick handles and broken bottles to those GI’s demeaning our women.  Apparently they were “caressing our girls in public”. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Brisbane

“Overpaid, oversexed and over here,” was the battle cry.  What’s changed in 70 years?

So this Saturday why don’t all you Melburnians fulfil your patriotic duty and get down to Etihad and give a good spray to whoever strikes you as a bit full of himself. Remember if it was good enough for Goodesy, it can also serve as a lesson in good manners to our visitors.

Sydney you get your chance next Monday out at Spotless Stadium. And don’t the people of Western Sydney like to give a serve to ungrateful temporary residents  taking what’s rightfully ours?  Should be a top night for booing.

Last chance saloon is Monday week back at Etihad against the Adelaide Strikers. I know that the Crows fans plan to head over to Melbourne to support Travis and the boys in the lead up to the final.  They are lubricating their tonsils to show Danger what he has got to look forward to when he returns to the City of Churches.

So basically this is a bit of harmless fun that isn’t directed at any one in particular. No offence meant, but of course we sincerely apologise to anyone who might be offended by our releasing a bit of sexual tension.  Nah, we’re just warming up for the footy season.  The Big Bash is the NAB Cup for spectators.

Get there early Knackers and join in the chorus. The best booing is often early in an innings.

You know it makes sense.


  1. Dave Brown says

    Great idea, PB. Would love to make the roadtrip. Sadly, I am now far too busy sexually harassing women in their workplaces now that I have been repeatedly and hysterically assured by the Stand by Gayle mob that not only is it no big deal, it’s kinda funny and, deep down, welcomed. Thus far it has gotten me kicked off the bus, kicked in the orbs and fired but all comic genius is misunderstood at first. But I’ll be booing from the couch.

  2. Malcolm Ashwood says

    I no I am out of step with a lot of the almanac readers but I admit if I was at the renegades v strikers game I would be applauding,Gayle it has been the greatest over reaction in aust sporting history
    political correctness gone crazy.While I am disappointed,Danger has gone home I will not be boing him at any stage as he left for the right reason unlike,Tippett

  3. Malcolm, it was wrong of me to use particular names and assume to know people’s attitudes. I have amended to something generic. Apologies.
    I still disagree intensely with your opinion, and think you are shooting the messenger and addressing a distraction (the interviewers skills) not the main issue. What happened on the night may have been comparatively small beer, but it is very important in the context of Gayle’s long term behaviour toward women, and minimising that condones treating women as sex objects and second class citizens. That our common hero IM Chappell wants a worldwide ban on him in all forms of the game must give you some pause for thought.
    Being able to explore issues with humour, insight and compassion is what this site is all about. I disagree with you intensely, but defend your right to say so freely.

  4. Malcolm Ashwood says

    PB I am not commenting on what I think of Gayle as a person or his attitude to females overall
    I am commenting,ONLY on the incident with,Mel ironically if there had not been such over the top critiscm he would not have received so much community support

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