We have hit our crowdfunding target

Goals are met, thanks are given and we speculate: how far can we go?

The Miracle of the Almanac: can you spare a loaf or a fish?

What’s the Almanac worth to us?

Junior Almanac 2015 : In a tense finish, the Mighty Hawks Win The Day

We’re always proud of the input from our younger writers as each season progresses. On the eve of the 2015 AFL season, we put the call out there for younger writers to get involved with the Almanac. All are welcome, and encouraged! [includes a brilliant video in support of our crowdfinding push from Kaisha, with the backing of her parents. – Ed]

Want to play golf with an AFL legend?

We’re putting the question out there, and asking for your wish-list.

The Almanackers: N is for Nadel

N is for Nadel, radical, Almanacker and Pie man. Among others.

The Almanackers: L is for Latham

  Ian Latham has been writing for us for quite a few years now. A Sydney barrister, his words first started popping onto the site a few years ago, as each week he found a way of applying a Greek myth to a footy situation from the weekend’s matches. These pieces were very popular. He [Read more]