The Miracle of the Almanac: can you spare a loaf or a fish?

As we come into the final couple of days of our crowdfunding campaign, and we can see the target in the distance, here’s a few things to think about:


With the demands of editing and posting growing all the time, and other costs associated with the maintenance and development of the site increasing, it’s always a battle.

We are very grateful to our members, our sponsors and advertisers, and to our partners generally.

But we really need to head down the path where – a little like a community radio station (3RRR in Melbourne, say) – we offer people the chance to  make a voluntary contribution for whatever it is the Almanac provides.



How much is the Almanac worth to you as a reader?

50 cents a week is $26 per year.

$1 a week is $52 per year (unless you are Andrew Gigacz in which case it is $52.14 per year)


How much is the Almanac worth to you as a writer? 

Those of us who strive to keep the Almanac alive spend many, many hours editing, posting, responding to emails, responding to requests, sorting out memberships, chasing sponsors and advertisers.

It really is a case of five loaves and two fishes.

Please add a loaf, and even a fish.


There are numerous rewards for such a contribution at our crowdfunding campaign, or you can make a donation. CLICK HERE.




  1. Peter Schumacher says

    I don’t normally endorse fund raising drives but for those of you who have really enjoyed this site, its ideas and its ideals, and who have been tending to hang back I reckon that now is the time to show your support in a meaningful way. This is the one sporting site where brain is used not just brawn. Let’s get to that target.

  2. Emma Westwood says

    I spared $100 and it’s getting me John Harms’ ‘Play On’ – is that a fish or a loaf? Important to note you don’t only get the Almanac for your pledge, you get some ripper rewards.

  3. Cat from the Country says

    If you email me the bank account details I will endeavour to send you a donation. I do not do croud fiunding

  4. Emma Westwood says

    Howdy Cat from the Country… Send Harmsy an email directly: [email protected]

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